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[Video] Myvi Passenger Shows Middle Finger And Pisses Off Biker



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25 October – A video of a very heated argument went viral in Malaysian social media after a conflict on the road. It’s said to have happened on the Seremban-Kuala Lumpur highway.

The video starts of with both the Caucasian and Myvi driver yelling at each other.

“You almost hit me. I asked you to stop, but you told me to f*** off.” the Caucasian confronted.

“That’s my passenger, not me.” the driver argues.

Apparently the lady passenger showed the Caucasian biker the finger which ticked him off and caused him to smash their car’s windscreen. Shards of glass can be seen on the driver’s pants.


Biker re-enact passenger who flipped him the bird

“If you want to sort this out, let’s go to the station.” the driver yells.

However, the cliche-looking biker was not stirred and even challenged him to a one-on-one duel.

“You and me. Let’s have it.” he says.

The heated debate goes back and forth on whose fault it was, and who showed the middle finger first. Based on conversations in the video, the Caucasian keeps mentioning having his signal out but was instead ignored by the Myvi, hence the car almost colliding with the bike.


Smashed windscreen on Myvi

As the video goes on, it seems that the Caucasian was the first one to flip the bird because “you almost hit me off my bike” he reasons.

What we deduced from the video is:

1. Biker has signal out.

2. Myvi ignores signal.

3. Collision almost happened.

4. Biker flips the bird at Myvi for not giving way.

5. Myvi passenger flips back.

6. Biker gets angry and smashes window.

7. Heated argument starts.

8. Myvi passenger pulls out camera to film video.

9. Uploads viral video. (Ok, I added this myself, but you know it’s true.)

Disclaimer: This is only based on the writer’s own deduction, may not be the real scenario.


Whatever misunderstanding it may be, violence is never the option. Authorities are requested to investigate on the matter.

Also, moral of the story is, never flip anyone the bird unless you’re ready for a showdown.

Watch the video here:


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