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This Salon in KL Just Upgraded Its IPL Treatment to AFT & Now It’s Almost Pain-Free!



This Salon in Malaysia Just Upgraded Its IPL Treatment & Now It's Almost Pain-Free! - WORLD OF BUZZ 6
Source: Strip Malaysia & WORLD OF BUZZ

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As someone who’s perpetually getting rid of unwanted body hair on the regular, I’ve pretty much tried everything there is out there: shaving, threading, waxing, epilating, IPL and more. And out of those methods, if you’ve tried IPL, you’ll know that this alternative is way more effective in terms of reducing overall hair growth in the long run.

For those unfamiliar with IPL, it stands for Intense Pulsed Light and this technology kills hair follicles to stunt hair growth. To see a difference, a course of 6 to 12 sessions every 4 to 6 weeks is recommended (though results are subject to individual hair growth). 

Yes, IPL is more expensive and less painful than a wax but for a method that costs quite a bomb, it doesn’t exactly guarantee no pain, especially in more sensitive areas where you’re prone to feeling a sharp, stinging ‘bite’ – think a rubberband with no mercy snapping against your skin!

Hence, if your #1 goal is opting for a nearly pain-free method with IPL-like results, get this: there is a new patented technology called AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) and it’s far more superior that what a traditional IPL treatment offers in terms of long-lasting smoothness and being almost painless. Finally, my prayers have been heard! 

This Salon in Malaysia Just Upgraded Its IPL Treatment & Now It's Almost Pain-Free! - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

No, those are not condoms. It’s Strip’s single-use hygiene packs! | Source: Strip Malaysia

In fact, you can actually get AFT done at Strip Malaysia, who invited us at WORLD OF BUZZ to try the AFT treatment that’s delivered through their exclusive Powerpac machine. Curious, I accepted the invite and agreed to give the AFT Brazilian and AFT Underarm (two sessions each) a go.

I popped by the newly refurbished HQ outlet in Bangsar Village II and was greeted by their friendly staff (and iconic furry Orang Utan mascot) at the brightly-lit lounge area. Once inside the treatment room, I get flashbacks of my previous IPL treatments and remind myself that this time, it’s going to hurt less (well, it better LOL). My bubbly therapist got down to business in a jiffy and after a quick shave, began applying the cooling gel on me before using Strip’s Powerpac machine with a crystal applicator to go over the respective areas.

To my surprise, with each light pulse that flashed before my eyes (don’t worry, they give you cool glasses to protect your eyes against the AFT wavelengths while ensuring you don’t get nightclub-inducing headaches after), there. Was. No. Pain. I’m not even joking. I was quite shook – in a good way, no less – that there was no staccato rhythm of sharp stinging at all; even in more sensitive areas where the skin is far thinner, there was only a slight warm sensation, kind of like a soothing hot stone massage. Damn, I think I’ve found my hair-removing Holy Grail. 

After about an hour, I was done with both areas. Next up, my homework was to observe the hair growth. Right now, I’m happy to report that nothing grew out until at least one week – growth was slow (much slower than my previous IPL results) and only in the following week did the hair start falling off. It’s been about 3 weeks since I did the AFT now, and I’m still waiting for that finer phase 2 regrowth, which from past experience with IPL, would usually show up by the second week. Nice! Sleeveless tops, Imma wear you 5ever. 

This Salon in Malaysia Just Upgraded Its IPL Treatment & Now It's Almost Pain-Free! - WORLD OF BUZZ

Now I can lift my arms up with confidence like models in deodorant ads | Source: WORLD OF BUZZ

I have to say that by far, this has to be the least painful hair-removing treatment I’ve ever experienced. Compared to traditional IPL, here’s how AFT stands out:

  • Strip’s Powerpac machine uses a 5cm crystal applicator head (compared to a regular 3cm one), thus resulting in a more effective and even reduction over a wider skin area
  • It uses a gradual heating system to destroy hair follicles (instead of a direct heating system emitting sharp bursts of energy), which lowers the risk of burns and makes the experience so much more comfortable. I can vouch for this! 
  • It also uses a precise wavelength to avoid wasting energy as well as an “in-motion” technique to deliver energy via multiple passes

Well, don’t take my word for it though – go try it out for yourselves, especially since Strip Malaysia is currently having a trial offer for its AFT treatment from 1st April to 30th June 2019. Check out the intro rates below:

  • AFT Underarm at RM68 (NP: RM450) for women and RM88 (NP: RM585) for men
  • AFT Brazilian at RM188 (NP: RM900) and AFT Boyzilian at RM288 (NP: RM1,170)
  • AFT Bottom Half Leg at RM288 (NP: RM900) for women and RM388 (NP: RM1,170) for men

PS: These trial prices can be used by both new and existing customers! 

For more info on this progressive AFT treatment that’s available at all 9 Strip outlets in Malaysia, you can read the FAQ here and follow their Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

Psst… stay tuned for a post-update after my second AFT session! 

Update: It’s been 4 weeks since I went for the second AFT session on 2nd May and this time, there was only barely-there regrowth. PS: my second session was also done a couple of days before my cycle began and I was a bit more sensitive due to this so pro-tip is to avoid having it scheduled when it’s nearing shark week!


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