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Survey Reveals That Most People Stopped Playing Pokemon Go and Here’s Why



Pokemon Go Survey Finds The Reason People Quit Playing. Any Guesses? - World Of Buzz
Image source: theguardian.com

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Why quit? ‘Hype train too bosan kah? (I apologize for the pun, don’t roast me)

We’re about 2.5 months (1 month+ in lokal time) in since the release of the immensely viral mobile game, Pokemon Go and already quite a number of folks have quit the game! Japanese company MMD Laboratories surveyed 2,190 people aged between 15 to 69 (well played, Japan) regarding their “Pokemon Go habits”.

Most people, including myself, suspected that everyone and their bloody uncle was on the game, but as it turns out, 62.3% of people surveyed had actually NEVER PLAYED the game! Wha… No joke, a majority actually don’t play the game, most of them belonging to the over-60 group, with the numbers decreasing as you go to the younger age groups.

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According to that survey, 24.2% are still playing the game while 13.5% have quit!

MMD continued to ask the 825 players to rate the game on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 meaning this game is absolutely divine. Most of them gave it a very lalang 5 points (20%), followed by 7 points (17.2%) and then 8 points (13.7%).

Lastly they asked the players who have quit Pokemon Go (295 people) to give the reasons why they quit and by a landslide, the NUMBER 1 reason why they quit, with a majority of 42%, is…..

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That’s right, folks! People are putting the app down because of the toll it takes on their mobile’s battery life! Which is understandable since Pokemon Go uses mobile networks in conjunction with GPS to work. Added to the required graphics processing, this makes for a drainer of an app.

The other excuses reasons are as follows

  • Useless For Home Use (38.3%)
  • Repetitive (37.6%)
  • Only The Same Pokemon Appear (31.5%)
  • Playing Poses Security and Safety Threat (23.4%)
  • Can’t Find Rare Pokemon (21.4%)
  • Feels Like A Waste Of Time (20.3%)
  • Don’t See The Fun In Gym Battling (17.3%)
  • Can’t Find Any Pokemon (16.6%)
  • Leveling Up Is Troublesome (16.6%)
  • No Pokestops Nearby (13.6%)
  • Gym Pokemon CP Too High (12.9%)
  • Ran Out Of Pokeballs (5.4%)
  • No Gyms Nearby (5.4%)
  • Member Stop Playing (2.4%)
  • Others (12.5%)

So gais tag your members and interrogate them if they’ve left! Always remember to play nice and that.. VALOR RULEZ!

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