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Study: Vaping Shown to Cause Chronic Lung Disease, Like Smoking



Source: INAmedia

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Recent news revealed that vaping – which is supposed to be an alternative to cigarettes – is actually way more damaging to our body than we initially thought. Yikes! 

A study found that the e-cigarette’s vapour can disable important immune cells and boost inflammation in our lungs, reported BBC. Therefore, the study’s researchers have warned people to do away with the perception that e-cigarettes are safer.

Source: BBC

In an experimental study led by Prof David Thickett, a mechanical procedure was used to replicate vaping in a laboratory at the University of Birmingham. They used lung tissue samples by eight non-smokers and found out that vapour from e-cigarettes caused “inflammation and impaired the activity of alveolar macrophages” – which are cells that remove damaging dust particles, bacteria, and allergens.

The researches then added that these effects were similar to the effects caused by regular cigarettes and people with chronic lung disease. However, it must be remembered that these results were obtained in a laboratory thus further research is needed for better understanding of the long-term health impacts of e-cigarettes.

Source: BBC

FYI, the changes in the lung tissues were recorded over 48 hours.

Nevertheless, Public Health England still insists that vapes are much safer than normal cigarettes. They also suggested that people can still use it to help them give up on cigarettes because it was proven to have been successful.

Not only that, they are also safe for second-hand smokers, but Prof Thickett still insists that e-cigarettes are harmful. 

He was quoted as saying,

“In terms of cancer-causing molecules in cigarette smoke, as opposed to cigarette vapour, there are certainly reduced numbers of carcinogens.”

“They are safer in terms of cancer risk – but if you vape for 20 or 30 years and this can cause COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease], then that’s something we need to know about.”

Source: Slideshare

Prof Thickett then shared that he believes e-cigarettes are less harmful than ordinary cigarettes but he warned people to be wary about its safety. In the meantime, Martin Dockrell, the tobacco control lead at Public Health England admitted that e-cigarettes are definitely not risk-free but it’s less harmful than smoking.

“Any smoker considering e-cigarettes should switch completely without delay,” he urged.

Source: INAmedia

With that said, it’s no doubt that e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes but the results of the research are undeniable and rather concerning. So, just remember to be cautious.

What do you think of this study’s findings? Let us know in the comments below!


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