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“Stay calm everyone” Neelofa Responds To Controversial News About Her Work Trip To Langkawi



Source: @neelofa | Instagram

“Stay calm, everyone out there.”

This was what Neelofa said in response to the controversial news about her business trip to Langkawi in collaboration with Chatime, just days after getting married.

“It hasn’t even launched yet, but free marketing has already ‘shaken’ the whole country,” the celebrity entrepreneur said on her InstaStory today (1 April).

“Thank God, now millions of people know that my Chatime outlet will be opened in Langkawi.”

Earlier this week, Neelofa and her husband, PU Riz came under investigation after they were suspected to be having their honeymoon in Langkawi when photos showed them at the airport and on the plane, believed to be heading to the resort island.

If the allegations were found to be true, the couple would be violating the standard operating procedures (SOP) during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) as interstate travel is still not allowed, according to the authorities.

Chatime responded to the allegations and confirmed that Neelofa and her team were on a business trip to Langkawi and that permission was obtained. However, they soon came under heavy criticism by netizens who believed Neelofa was using her ‘work visit’ as a cover for her honeymoon in Langkawi.

Chatime later removed the statement from their Facebook page, eliciting further criticism.


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