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‘Red Shirts’ Gathered To Step On BERSIH Organiser Banners



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Images were circulating of the ‘Red Shirts’ which is associated to the anti-bersih team holding a small gathering consisting of stepping on banners.

The group also known as ‘Rakyat Bersatu’ supposedly stepped on banners specifically on Bersih organisers’ faces. Apparently it was an act as revenge of claims that images of Najib were stepped on during the Bersih Rally.

These claims were mentioned by Head of UMNO for Cheras area, Datuk Seri Syed Ali Alhabshee.

“Apakah kita (orang Melayu) sudah tidak ada lagi harga diri sehingga membiarkan gambar pemimpin sebangsa kita dipijak bukan Melayu,?” said Syed Ali to Astroawani in an interview a few days ago.



Many Malaysians were outraged at the images, as the gathering seemed to endorse racism and also their ironic message of Bersih ‘destroying Malaysian democracy’.

A user writes, “geng don’t know what is democracy is.. memalukan!”, while another commented, “Buat malu bekas tentera .. ko ckp yg pijak gambar peminpin ko bodoh, tp ko buat jugak….sama la ko bodoh”.




However, some netizens are not phased by the gathering as they assumed it to be propaganda. Instead, many spread love instead of hate to inspire unity among Malaysians.

Facebook user, Imran comments, “Please…. tak kira Melayu, Cina or Indian kita kena bersatu for our beloved country Malaysia… Ini semua propaganda untuk memecah belahkan kita supaya dan akan menguntungkan sesetengah pihak….”

Just ignore them… mari kita bersatu untuk Malaysia kita yang tercinta… banyak lagi problem negara yang perlu diselesaikan bukan dengan membuat masalah baru untuk mengalih pandangan daripada masalah yang lagi besar….. Just ignore…!!!”






Perhimpunan Rakyat Bersatu’ is said to commence on Malaysia day, 16 September. So far, they have yet to be granted permission due to security reasons.

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