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M’sians Successfully Raise RM294k To Pay Family’s Hospital Bill Following Horrific NYE Accident



Source: Facebook

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New Years Eve is normally a day of celebration of the past and a welcome for what’s to come in the next year ahead.

But what happens when the new year ahead sees you in a hospital bed, fighting for your life?

On the eve of 2020, a family was heading down the Seremban Expressway, en route to a family vacation when a stray dog had dashed across the highway. In order to avoid the dog, the father, Edward Lee, had swerved which led to the car hitting the divider and ending up overturned.

Source: Facebook

Luckily, Edward walked away with a gash on his forehead while his 4-year-old son was unharmed. Unfortunately, his wife was another story.

Vivienne Ngiu was left in a state of complete paraplegia. Her spine had multiple fractures and was dislocated. She also suffered from several broken ribs, a fractured left scapula and a head concussion. She had lost complete sensory and motor function of her body from the chest down.

Due to the fact that they had no medical insurance, the hospital bills racked up to a whopping RM350,000.

After maxing out their personal accounts, they didn’t manage to pay off the sum, which led to their friend, Ivan YM Chong to take to his Facebook page to ask netizens for help. And help they did.

Source: Facebook

Ivan wrote, “Having known them for almost 3 decades, they are one of the kindest people I have met and are selfless in helping others in times of need, regardless of their situation and expect nothing in return. Although Edward does not like imposing this burden on to others but as their closest friend, I am stepping up to appeal that we all help this kind man and his family get back on their feet. Please, if anyone could spare some change, the multiplication factor through volume would greatly help them ease the situation a little.”

Source: Facebook

Netizens heard his cry for help and as of the 6th of January, 2020, they managed to pull together donations accumulating to RM294,000.

“As of 1.30pm, MYR294,000 has been received from the public. After depleting their personal bank accounts and along with the funds received from the public, their target has been met. Edward and his family are humbled beyond words. Your support both financially and emotionally have lifted their spirits and given them new hope in light of this tragedy. Any excess funds will be donated to charity,” he added.

Fortunately, Vivienne is now on the mend and is able to continue spending quality time with her family and being a helping hand to her community, all thanks to the kindness of Malaysians.

Source: Facebook

“The past few days have given us renewed hope. We look at our fellow Malaysians with fresh eyes, knowing that there are many kind warriors that live amongst us. Remember if you are feeling helpless, choose an act of kindness and know you can make a positive difference,” Ivan ended.

Ivan’s posting has since garnered 1,100 shares.

Have you ever had the opportunity to experience the kindness of Malaysians? Let us know in the comments section!


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