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M’sian Couple Who Believed Covid-19 Was A Conspiracy In Critical Condition Now



Source: Freepik & Facebook Dr Malar Santhi

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It’s been almost a year since our country recorded its first Covid-19 case.

While the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) works hard to treat Covid-19 patients and curb this virus from continuing to spread, some people still believe this virus is just a conspiracy.

Recently, through a sharing on Facebook, a doctor told the story of a patient who was stubborn and refused to admit that she had been infected with the Covid-19 virus.

Dr Malar Santhi Santherasegapan took to Facebook to share the story of a female patient who came to the clinic for treatment because she felt a change in her body after three days.

“Unwell but no fever, cough, or flu. No loss of sense of smell. So what’s sickness? Just feeling uncomfortable, no appetite and fatigue, said the patient.”

“The third day she was feeling unwell, she went to the GP clinic, and was examined by a doctor who recommended her to take a Covid test. She did not want to because her husband does not believe in Covid. The doctor deliberately wants to make a profit; that’s why they asked for a test, said her husband,”

Dr Malar wrote that the patient did not have close contact so she could not be forced to do a swab test, so she had to be released with medication only.

It is understood that on the sixth day, the patient was still unwell, but the story is the same. The patient did not have a fever, and there are no other symptoms of Covid-19.















“This time after examination, the doctor heard an unpleasant sound in the lungs. They conducted a chest x-ray and the doctor saw a ‘Pneumonia’-like covid infection. Once again, they advised and persuaded the patient to do a swab test. Still, the patient rejected.

“Her husband said for the sure that is not COVID-19 because Covid is a conspiracy,” shared Dr Malar.

Due to the patient’s stubbornness to take the swab test, her health condition worsened upon entering the ninth day.

As her condition continued to worsen, the patient finally went to the hospital.

“Her breath seemed a little fast; she looked tired and breathless. The husband looked a little worried—oxygen in 94% -95% je. Conducted x-ray again. That’s it. Full-blown Covid-19 Pneumonia, it’s nothing else!”















“This time, she just agreed to take a swab test. But her husband had a hard time saying,

“You just made us take the swab test because you want to charge us expensively right?”

“But the result of the RT PCR COVID-19 test swab is positive! The doctor was not surprised at all,” she wrote.

According to Dr Malar, what was surprising is the honest confession made by the patient as soon as their result was confirmed positive.

Photo for illustration only













“They both admitted that they had fever for 10 days, diarrhea 10-15 times a day because they are taking more vitamin C than they needed, which is why the kidney blood tests showed all the high numbers.

“After being referred to the Covid hospital in the state, this patient is still dying and fighting for her life. Her husband is also positive and was given respiratory assistance. Both are in a coma.” The doctor then posed a rhetorical question.

“Is this COVID-19 a hoax?” She wrote again.

Dr Malar ended her post by saying that she hopes an angel visited the couple while they were in a coma to give guidance to them so that they will accept the fact that Covid-19 is a real pandemic. She also hopes that the couple can give awareness to the public when they heal.

She also advised other people out there to see a doctor and follow the doctor’s recommendation if you have symptoms of Covid-19 whether it is close contact or not.


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Freepik

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