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Most Common English Girl Names in Malaysia



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As a sequel to our previous post, “Most Common English Guy Names in Malaysia” it’s time to mention the girls who are the common potatoes! (it’s okay, as long we are still cute)



1. Michelle

I’m not gonna deny this. As a Michelle, I’ve been in a situation where a friend’s birthday party had 3 of ‘us’! It starts to get annoying when your friend purposely yells “MICHELLE” just to see all 3 heads turn. Despite that, we Michelles know how to keep it cool and party the night away.

ezgif.com-crop (4)


2. Amanda

It’s almost impossible not to have met an Amanda before. Amandas are usually the cheerful sort, and they make the best of friends. They love to make people laugh and are always there when you need a hand. Do not take their kindness for granted though, because once they purge you from their social life, it will be hard to get back in.



3. Sabrina

No teenage witch here, but don’t try to mess with a Sabrina because they WILL make sure to have the last laugh.



4. Yvonne

Yvonne/Eevons know how to keep composure and their personality is based on the person they are interacting with. Get a little closer to them and they might surprise you with their quirkiness!



5. Carmen

Active beings that can’t sit still, Carmens are usually the talkative one in the group. They love sharing their stories and meeting new people. Although their energetic character makes them the best people to party with, at times, they rather snuggle up and do nothing in bed.

in bed


6. Vivian/Vivien

The Vivians I’ve met know how to work an outfit. Whether it’s dresses, skirts, jeans or even tees, they just look good in whatever they wear. Oh, did I mention that the way to their heart is through their stomach?



7. Rachel

Most Rachels are down to earth and get joy from the little things in life. They are daydreamers and can become quiet at times (from all that drifting thoughts), and sometimes it is misunderstood for being shy.



8. Cheryl

The cool chic that doesn’t like to stress too much about things in life. They take things as they come and do not resist too much to changes. Their laid back nature may cause them to procrastinate, and sometimes only starting at the very last minute. Beware, some Cheryls may be prone to moodswings.

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9. Elaine

Driven by passion, Elaines won’t back down at what they love doing despite being told that it’s impractical. They know what they want, and they are determined to achieve it.




10. Karen

Karens are quick learners that adapt quickly in any situation. They are usually creative and may be good in arts or music.



11. Nicole

Sweet, loving creatures, they make good friends mainly because they are always willing to lend a ear, or a shoulder to cry on. They are the best to gossip with and to share laughs together. Nicoles when upset can become a little.. umm.. unstable.




12. Joanne

Joannes are usually bubbly individuals whose smiles don’t falter. They can be fiesty, but when a situation goes bad, you can always trust a Joanne to lighten things up. Her personality keeps her friends close, so if you guys ever need a wing girl, you know who to call 😉




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