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Meet Miss Nana, The FIRST orangutan Activist in Malaysia Who’s Raising Awareness on Youtube!



Source: Bangkok Post & Youtube

Malaysia is home to many wonderfully unique species of animals such as the majestic Malayan tiger as well as the iconic orangutan. Unfortunately, some of these species have become dangerously endangered at a shocking rate and it is up to us to protect them!

This is why a certain special activist has taken the spotlight recently, not only for the issues she’s highlighting but also for who she is…


Meet Miss Nana, our country’s first-ever orangutan activist!

Yes, you read that right! She is, in fact, an orangutan who is on a mission to raise public awareness on the alarming issues that regard her furry friends as well as their habitat. In fact, she has also posted a series of Youtube videos which you should definitely check out below!

In case you haven’t noticed from the video, Miss Nana is working together with Goodday Milk (who fittingly elected Miss Nana as the ambassador and banana expert!) and they are putting out a series of informative videos that will highlight several current issues, such as climate change and deforestation.

They’re also working in full support of WWF-Malaysia whereby Miss Nana is actively trying to educate Malaysians on the plight of the Bornean orangutans in order to protect them as our national treasure.


What are some of the issues being brought to light?

How cute are they?!

One of the main issues that Miss Nana is trying to highlight is the fact that the number of existing Bornean orangutans is declining at a terrifying rate! In fact, by the year 2025, it is estimated that the total population of orangutan in Borneo would only be about 47,000, which is less than half of the population back in 2018 (104,700). That is an incredibly short amount of time to lose that many orangutans. 😢

This declining number can be caused by:

  • Climate change
  • Habitat loss
  • Forest fires
  • Habitat fragmentation… and more!


With that said, Goodday Milk is launching the all NEW Goodday UHT Banana Milk that comes with a unique QR code which Malaysians can scan to learn more about our furry friends & be part of the journey to help this precious species!


What Malaysians can do to help

You can help Miss Nana by joining in the fight to help her and her furry friends by following these very simple steps:

  1. Simply grab yourself a pack of the Goodday UHT Banana Milk
  2. Snap and share a photo of the drink on social media along with the hashtag #GooddaySupportsOrangutans.

If we can help them reach 1,000 hashtags, Goodday Milk will double their donations to WWF-Malaysia’s orangutan conservation efforts!

Doesn’t that sound awesome? You don’t even need to make any huge payments or write a cheque. Just make sure to snap and share a picture of your Goodday UHT Banana Milk!

Just snap, share and don’t forget to use the hashtag!

You can also scan the QR code on the packaging and you’ll be directed to Goodday Milk’s website where there will be more information on how you can help out, including how and where to donate.

Scan this QR code to find out more ways to help!


The Goodday UHT Banana Milk also makes for a pretty good drink any time of the day

As you join the fight for this good cause, you’ll also get to enjoy the all NEW and delicious Goodday UHT Banana Milk. It does not contain any preservatives, comes with a creamy and tasty Banana-flavoured taste, AND it is also loaded with nutrients such as protein, calcium, vitamin D, B2 and B6.

Trust us, this new flavour will definitely have you going… bananas! 😜


What are you waiting for, guys? Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this creamy goodness while also contributing to protecting one of our most treasured national icons!

For more information on the product or ways you can help this campaign, head on over to Goodday Milk’s website here. Don’t forget to subscribe to Goodday Milk Malaysia’s channel and anticipate Miss Nana’s upcoming videos too!

Don’t you think Miss Nana is the most adorable activist ever?!


Source: WWF

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