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This Malaysian Tells Us 6 Reasons Why We Should Go for Light Sensation



Malaysian Complains About His Nightmare Experience In The Funniest Way Possible - World Of Buzz 1

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Light Sensation. The newest hot spot in Klang Valley with tons of people flocking to Serdang to admire stalks of LED flowers and take romantic selfies.

However, for Joel Wong, the event wasn’t quite like how he’d imagined and took to Facebook to sarcastically recount his hilariously disappointing night.

Here’s what he had to say:

6 Reasons Why You Should Go for Light Sensation.

1. If you never pay your TNB bill this month, you can go pinjam light from the flowers there. But if you got money pay entrance fee (RM20 leh bro, or RM16 if you smart and buy from 7-Eleven), please lah go and pay your TNB bill.

2. If you never been to a sauna before, you can go stew with the thousands of hot, sweaty bodies all surrounding you from left, right and center. It’s like going clubbing without the dancing, doosh doosh beat and drinking.

3. If you still got play Pokemon GO, you can go and hatch all your eggs and get candy with your Pokemon buddy. From parking to entrance you’ll need to walk sibeh far. Then after see see flower a bit, need to walk back to parking. Got feeder buses, but even if you manage to get on, prepare to be tuna.

4. If you long time never go pasar malam and have a lot of pasar malam budget, you can spend all your money on inflated pasar malam food and drinks there. RM10 ice “smoothie” that is 90% ice, 10% sugar and 0% smooth.

5. If you never seen MAEPS before, and want to have bird eye view, remember to climb up the tower (5 storeys!!) and be amazed by the acres and acres of darkness surrounding you. Hello darkness my old friend.

6. If you go with your other half, you can take sibeh sweet photo that is exactly the same pose with thousands of other couple. #mainstream yo! If you single, you can go there be extra lightbulb.



Although Joel had a lot to say about the event, he told World of Buzz that he wasn’t trying to discourage people from attending the event.

I just want to add that I’m not in any way asking people not to go to Light Sensation. It’s really up to people whether or not they want to go for the event. This is just my own personal experience.”

“And it’s always better to “complain” on social media in a way that can also make people happy.

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How about you, dear readers? How was your experience at this sensational event?

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