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Little White Cat Saves Family, Fights & Kills Venomous Cobras Coming From Their Farm



Village Cat Protects His Family's Home From Snakes, Fights & Killed Venomous Cobras - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: DetikNews

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Pets are often judged based on their breed, or more specifically, on whether they’re a pure breed or a mongrel.

Many prefer having pure breed pets as they’re easier on the eyes, but that doesn’t mean mongrel or breed-less pets don’t deserve a home.

One family in Mojokerto, Indonesia explained why it’s important to keep breed-less street cats and dogs as pets. The reason? They save lives.

As according to DetikNews, the family has survived 3 venomous snake attacks due to their saviour, their little village cat.

Source: DetikNews

The family lives in a house facing a farm that is separated from them by a paved road and an irrigation channel, hence it only makes sense for them to have unexpected slithery visitors at all times of the day. Widarti, the man of the house, explained that they recently had 3 baby cobras enter the house’s compound, only to be stopped by their village cat, Si Putih.

Si Putih managed to kill 2 of the cobras while the third managed to slip under the porch’s foundation.

Widarti has only had Si Putih for about 6 months now, but it’s already managed to save Widarti, his wife and 2 kids from a world of harm.

“Initially, I kept the cat because the kids liked it. Thank God, there are benefits. Snakes cannot enter the house because there is the cat,” Widarti had said while holding Si Putih.

Hence, adopt, don’t shop. Save a life and they might just save you back.


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