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‘Jom Balik Undi’ FB Group is Offering M’sians Free Rides Home to Vote for GE14



'Jom Balik Undi' FB Group is Offering M'sians Free Rides Home to Vote for GE14 - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: MMO

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The polling date was announced yesterday at around 12.30pm, and if you haven’t gotten your train ticket sorted by now, chances are they’re already fully booked. Also, we’re sorry to tell you that the prices of flight tickets have significantly jacked up!

As such, many Malaysians who were planning to get home to vote are now stuck in a dilemma, as they have no transport to go back to their hometown. Luckily, a Facebook group called ‘Jom Balik Undi (Car Pool)’ has since been created to provide transport for those who need a lift. What a great initiative! 

Source: Facebook

In the group, car owners of all races have been posting their travelling details such as the destination they’re heading to, departure time and date, number of seats available, and time and date of their return journey.

Heartwarmingly, many of the car owners are actually offering seats without charging any money! That’s the true spirit of Malaysians! 

A group member even generously offered his car to any taker who wants to drive and take along another four passengers because the owner has already booked a flight ticket. Clearly Malaysians are doing whatever it takes to get people to vote! 

At the time of writing, the number of members in this FB group has already swelled up to 26,600 people! The group creators said,

“We urge every voter especially those who are working afar from hometown to cast their vote for the upcoming GE14 so that we can decide the future of our country together.”

“This platform is to connect voters from the same hometown so that they can share the same ride home to vote, and reduce their financial burden at the same time.”

So guys, if you’re one of the unlucky voters who can’t get any ticket to go back to vote for GE14, why not try your luck with this group?

As patriotic Malaysians, we must exercise our duty as citizens, and we must vote, no matter what day the polling date falls on. Good luck finding a ride! 

Here’s the link!


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