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Video Captures a Man Being Epicly Flung After Running Infront of A Car



Jaywalker causes nasty accident and crumples to the ground - World Of Buzz

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What is Jaywalking?

Do a quick search on the internet and it’ll tell you jaywalking is defined as ‘cross or walk in the street or road unlawfully or without regard for approaching traffic.’

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As a child, our parents have taught us to always look left, and look right before crossing the street.

However these days, people are either too pre-occupied with their own thoughts or just plain don’t bother to look before crossing the road. This simple act of neglect can result in very painful and costly consequences.

A recent video posted by Roads.sg on Facebook got everybody’s jaw dropping showing an incident of jaywalking that has occurred on June 3rd, approximately 8.36am along the Upper Thomson Road.

The footage is captured by a back-camera of a car cruising down the road. A black car comes into view not too far off. And just as the black car comes around the curve, a young man, appears to run across the road right smack in front of the moving vehicle.

The man who obviously didn’t look out for traffic and just tried running across the street inevitably got hit by the car. The man is then tossed into the air and crumples onto the ground like a piece of paper.

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The force of the collision is so great, you will see the belongings of the runner flung and strewn across the road. It looks to be that he also may have lost a shoe.

A nearby lady/his friend then rushes over to help the fallen man as he lays on the ground unable to get up.

To replay the collision, the runner was practically knocked off his feet, out of his senses, and topples onto the ground. And that’s how severe, a single mistake such as not looking before crossing can be.

Watch the crazy hit captured on the video below:

Road.sg has also advised its followers to use this video to teach young people of the importance of caution.

A simple act can spare so much pain and anguish, and may even spare a life. So look, before you cross.

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