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Girl Confesses Her Love to the Boy of Her Dreams by Using Own BLOOD!



Girl writes love note in blood! - World Of Buzz 1

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We’ve all heard the saying that love makes people do crazy things, but recently, a teenage Chinese took that saying wayyyy to literally.

In our bizarre world, a young 19-year old Chinese girl professed her love for another in the most dramatic way possible.. (pause for effect)… IN BLOOD.

The young lady from the province of Sichuan used a fruit knife to slice her finger open and wrote her ‘love letter’ on the doorstep of the gentleman of her affection. The love note reads ‘(name), love you’ in Mandarin wording.

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She then waited for the boy to discover her declaration of love. Unfortunately for the besotted teenager, her expectations were trampled when the boy’s reaction was more similar to a horrified disgust than a pleasing surprise. Gee, I wonder why?

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Not taking his reaction too well, the then heartbroken damsel threaten to slit her wrist and take her life. In response, the boy quickly called the police.

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Fortunately, officers were able control the situation and snatched the knife away from the distressed teenager. They then have the girl sought medical attention where her wounds were attended to.

Upon questioning why she did something this drastic, the heartbroken girl explained that she only did so to further strongly profess her love since her previous advances went unheard.

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With much persuasion and probably some heart-to-heart talk, the girl then promised them that she would not self-harm and would deal with her emotions rationally moving forward. Yayyyyy!

We weren’t exactly sure why she thought that tactic would work on him, or anyone for that matter! Though if he were a vampire, I’m sure he would’ve fallen head over heels for her. Orrrr maybe not.

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