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7 Creepy Things We Malaysians Do When We Like Somebody



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It feels nice to like somebody. That thrill and excitement when you see or talk to them will definitely leave a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

Crushing on someone sometimes makes us do stupid things and occasionally some creepy things we are not so proud of.

Here are 7 things most of us have done when we fall for someone. Don’t pretend you don’t do it too!


1. Purposely hang out at the place we think they’ll be

Whether it’s this cute guy/girl in uni, at the gym or at a work place, there’s a tendency for us to hang around the area to increase our chances of bumping into them or to catch a glimpse of their shimmering presence.


2. Stalk them on social media

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they are all included! We hunt down their profiles and scroll through it, every last one.

It’s nothing harmful. We just want to know what kind of person they are and what they do every minute of every second. Also, admire endlessly at their cute profile pictures.


3. Like the things that they like

While scrolling through their social media profiles, we’ll get a good idea of what they like. Food, music, TV shows etc. We can’t help it. We try liking these things too (eventhough you probably have never heard about it before and deep down inside you didn’t really like it) because we want to share the same interests as them!


4. Create codenames for the person

We talk about our crush so much that we have a special codename for them among our friends. You know, just incase.


5. Have imaginary conversations with them

As creepy as it sounds, we all do it. We imagine meeting them and having the best conversations of our lives, when it real life it probably would be filled with awkwardness.


6. Get jealous when they’re close with someone of the opposite sex

The green eye monster appears within us. Seeing your crush being close with another girl/guy just breaks your heart and you wish with all your might that there’s nothing going on between them.

Also you curse in your head at whoever that person was to leave your bae alone.


7. Plan out a life with them

Play it in your head that one day, maybe you’ll end up as couples and live happily ever after? One could dream, can’t they?

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