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5 Apps Every Malaysian Need To Install In Their Phone Right Now



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There are tons and tons of apps in the app store but only a few that will suit you. There are apps for gaming, booking, just for shits and actually useful ones that help out with your daily life.

We listed 5 that we feel very deeply for and think you would to! Hey, don’t knock it till you tried it!


1. Shopee


Ever wonder what you gonna do with that dress you only wore once? Or where you can buy a black blazer for that presentation you have next week?

From brand new items, pre-love items and everything else you can think of, Shopee is your go to online mobile market place. Clothes, gadgets, watches, sports equipment, you name it!

Why we love it:

i. Super duper user friendly app that allows you to both buy and sell items.

ii. They assign you a Shopee representative so you can refer to them directly whenever you have questions. Say goodbye to lengthy customer services that take up to 2 hours to reply one question.

iii. Easy to use chat system for you to negotiate with the seller before your purchase or even making them offers for a lower price when you buy in larger quantities!

iv. Completely FREE shopping platform with zero service charges when buying or selling items.

Get the app here!



2. Lunch Kaki

lunch kaki

Hate eating alone? Or looking to spice up your lunch hour? Lunch Kaki is here to make sure that you never dine alone again.

Why we love it:

i. It’s adventurous and you’ll have a great time! Meet up with strangers, then share with them delightful conversations, fun topics and even business ideas.

ii. You’ll realise the tons of foodies out there who share the same passion for food as you!

iii. Set up lunch outings even at the very last minute or if you’re bold, try the random lunch request!

iv. It’s a lot more comfortable during lunch meetups. It’s not a dating app like Tinder, so meet ups are not clouded by “expectations”.

Get the app here!



3. Burpple

“The Social Food Journal” as it’s known, the app shows amazing pictures of food at nearby restaurants/cafes that will make your mouth water.

Why we love them:

i. Tantalizing pictures of food that makes your tummy grumble

ii. Share “food moments” with the world instead of storing it in your phone gallery by contributing your food pictures by uploading it to a restaurant/cafe you visited

iii. The go-to app whenever you don’t know which restaurant/cafe to visit. It has guides to help you choose a place as well!



4. Drupe

With so many messaging apps emerging, such as Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Skype and Facebook Messager, it’s a little hard to keep up with all your friends who are all over the place.

Now you have Drupe, an app that syncs your contacts and all other messaging apps into one! GENIUS!

I’m sorry iOS users, this awesome app is only available on Android.

Why we love it:

i. It’s interface is too damn cool.

ii. It’s a much quicker way to start a convo with your friends instead of going through app by app.

iii. Drupe stickies itself to the side of your phone screen so you can simply pull it up whenever you wanna use it!

Get the app here!



5. Flipboard


This app has been around for awhile now but not many Malaysians use it. Functioning as a little mobile newspaper, you can get all the news from sports, gadgets, entertainment and more in this one place! Trust me, it’s pretty addicting.

Why we love it:

i. It’s ‘flip’ feature is too cool! Turning the pages on an online news app? ANOTHER GENIUS IDEA!

ii. Have news curated for you when you choose the type of news you want be updated with. Music, business, travel, design and even cool random stuff!

iii. Able to save articles you love so you can go through it again! Especially for all you designers and photographers out there.


Got a great app to share that we missed? Let us know in our facebook comments!

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