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3 More Tigers Spotted Outside Village In Kelantan, Can We Blame Logging Now?


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Source: Inforoadblock | Facebook

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Recently, a tiger killed an Orang Asli man in Pos Bihai, Kelantan, which led to the tiger being shot dead.

Later, another tiger made an appearance at a Kelantan school (thankfully, no one was hurt). Many have since indicated that the tigers are roaming closer and closer to human villages due to the destruction of their natural habitats, aka, logging.

But, Kelantan Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah, shot down the theory, stating that the incidents were isolated ones. He also added that logging can only be blamed if 3-4 tigers appear in a group, instead of singular ones roaming around.

Tigers 8


Well then, it looks like the tigers are coming out

The Inforoadblock Facebook page just shared a video, taken by Kampung Tendrik, Pos Bihai, where 3 tigers can be seen appearing from the foliage.

Tigers 1

Tigers 7

While 2 of the tigers can be seen watching the person recording, the 3rd one seemed unfazed by the person’s presence as it walked around.


Netizens have since emphasised that the tigers are only there because of humans

Tigers 4

“Their habitat is being disturbed… the people become the victims of the tigers.”

Tigers 5

“Disturbing animals’ habitats…. no wonder Allah sent floods… there is no end for logging of jungles.”

Tigers 6

“They are not disturbing humans, but humans are disturbing their habitats. That’s why they are leaving their space that they previously lived in peace and calmness. Animals have feelings just like us, they too want to live peacefully without outside disturbances.”


The tigers’ appearance near the village may very well be a sign from a higher power to debunk and counter the Kelantan Deputy Prime Minister’s statement.

After all, he did say that “if there are 3-4 tigers that stray into the village, then it is serious and can be said due to logging”. So, can we blame logging now?

You can watch the worrisome video here.

Why do you think the tigers are straying out of the jungles? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

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