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All We Need is a Little Help: Here’s How PETRONAS Changed the Lives of These M’sians


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In the midst of our busy lifestyle, it’s easy to forget how important dreams are in our lives when in reality, they give our lives purpose and meaning. Alas, not everyone gets the right opportunity to fulfil their dreams, which is why PETRONAS is stepping in to help out less fortunate Malaysians in conjunction with their 50th Anniversary celebration.

PETRONAS 50 Festive Dreams project is a continuation of PETRONAS’ heartwarming initiative, with the goal of fulfilling the dreams of 50 Malaysians during festive seasons.

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PETRONAS’ staff and volunteers have been working closely with various local associations like Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, Jabatan Perikanan, and Persatuan Unduk Ngadau Sabah in this heartwarming project. Aside from that, PETRONAS has also been documenting their journey to share the pure joy on these Malaysians’ faces when their dreams come true. After all, “The Dream of One Becomes the Will of Many” – a mantra that drives the 50 Festive Dreams project.


Every dream deserves to become a reality

Petronas50 Bruno 1

PETRONAS 50 Festive Dreams has been uplifting people’s spirits, giving individuals like Mervin Soo (an aspiring basketball coach with Cerebral Palsy) and Atikah Lim (an ovarian cancer fighter) hope by bringing their dreams to life.

Throughout the year, PETRONAS found even more Malaysians who had to eschew their dreams to prioritise family responsibilities or their health; little did they know that PETRONAS isn’t going to let them give up their dreams so easily!

Here’s the story of how PETRONAS helped five more Malaysians achieve their lifelong dreams:


1. Asneh Kayak: Mini library, big stories

Imagine teaching without enough books, references, or even light at night. That was the reality for Asneh Kayak, a dedicated teacher in Kampung Sonsogon, Sabah. Despite these challenges, Asneh persevered in her mission to educate her students.

But her dream didn’t have to stay a fantasy! Thanks to PETRONAS, Asneh’s dream of a mini library stocked with resources became a reality – just in time for the Kaamatan festival. PETRONAS even went the extra mile to provide solar panels for the village, so that they have enough light to study. Now, Asneh and the villagers of Kampung Sonsogon can continue their studies without disruption, day or night!


2. Bruno Anak Dawi: A snowy wonderland of dreams 

Bruno’s got the magic touch by day – a masseur pro! But did you know this amazing guy, along with his siblings Benny and Sendie, haven’t been able to see the world since they were young? Yet, Bruno’s spirit remains undimmed, approaching life with a smile and determined to experience everything it has to offer – he even has a lifelong dream of feeling snow in person.

So cue the snowflakes (and tears of joy)! When PETRONAS heard about Bruno’s dream to experience snow, they knew they had to make it happen (snow in Malaysia? That’s where the creativity comes in!). Thus, PETRONAS whipped up a one-of-a-kind sensory experience that brought the magic of winter wonderland straight to Bruno during the Gawai festival season. Needless to say, Bruno and his brothers were smiling ear-to-ear throughout the ‘winter season’. Comel lah!


3. Mazura Binti Yaacob: Super mum, super businesswoman

Petronas50 Mazura Kids

Nasi lemak seller in the morning, single mother of twin daughters 24/7. Despite the many hardships Mazura has endured – including her daughter being diagnosed with an enlarged liver, her nasi lemak stall facing closure due to road works, and Mazura having to live with only one kidney due to kidney failure – she remains determined to expand her business to better provide for her family.

Petronas50 Mazura Family

After hearing news of Mazura’s soon-to-be-closed gerai, PETRONAS stepped in to help open her new stall in R&R Paya Rumput with proper kitchen equipment, not to mention her dreams of becoming a snack supplier for PETRONAS’ Mesra store was also fulfilled. But life isn’t all about work, so PETRONAS even got Mazura and her daughters brand new home furniture for their humble home and took them shopping for new clothes. We’re so happy they got to cherish laughter together happily~  


4. Abdul Rashid bin Kashim: Fishing for new hope

Petronas50 Rashid

Rashid is a fisherman caring for his bedridden mother. But ever since his boat got stolen eight years ago, he had a tough time making ends meet as a rubber tapper and doing odd jobs, not to mention he didn’t get to do what he loves as a fisherman.

Petronas50 Rashid Ibu

To help rekindle Rashid’s hope, PETRONAS gifted him a new boat and fishing licence, so he can continue pursuing his passion in fishing. Plus, PETRONAS even got Rashid and his mum new prayer sets, sejadah, and apparel – PETRONAS’ volunteers even spruced up Rashid’s home by repairing his house and providing new furniture. Talk about Son of the Year!


5. Sapinah Mohd: A mother’s dream knows no bounds

Petronas50 Sapinah

Sapinah’s willpower is second to none, taking on her late husband’s role as a fisherman and the family’s breadwinner since he passed last year. On top of that, she is also battling ovarian cancer at the same time. Despite her hardships, Sapinah is determined to secure the livelihood of her children and grandchildren.

Thanks to PETRONAS, Sapinah was given a new boat engine for her and her son to ease their fishing ventures. Furthermore, to fulfil Sapinah’s dream of scaling her business selling mini curry puffs for her daughter, PETRONAS granted a startup capital, various equipment and renovated space. A mother’s love really triumphs all lah!


Let’s make everyone’s dreams come true

Petronas50 Sapinah Family

Finished crying yet? We aren’t either! 😭 PETRONAS 50 Festive Dreams proves that with a little helping hand, everyone’s dreams can come true, no matter how impossible they may seem.

Intrigued to see how the PETRONAS 50 Festive Dreams project will be fulfilling the dreams of more Malaysians? You can keep up with this heartwarming project at PETRONAS official website or check out more uplifting stories and short stories on their YouTube page. Follow PETRONAS on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn for more updates!



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