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11 Types Of People in Malaysian Swimming Pools



11 Types Of People in Malaysian Swimming Pools - World Of Buzz 26

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Being a country that is almost completely surrounded by water, not to mention the closest thing we have to a natural disaster are major floods, you would think all Malaysians should be excellent swimmers. Well, as we, who especially frequent the swimming pools know, the truth is far more hilarious than the logical assumption. Here are 10 types of people you’ll find in swimming pools in Malaysia.


1. The Wet T-Shirts


Just to be clear, this ain’t those kind with hot girls on typical American spring breaks; in fact, they are usually the complete opposite. You know what I’m taking about – this is the type we see most often especially in Malaysia and some of us are probably guilty of being in this category ourselves! The probable reasons to this could be due to insecurities with their body or just feeling shy from exposing too much skin. Asians like fair skin like Snow White ma!

Also, FYI normal clothes are not made for water activities. Those who think that a cotton singlet / T-shirt / long sleeves with shorts or track bottoms would hold up well in the water will only find that it makes the view of their unsightly underwear even clearer. Swimsuits are invented for a reason, people.


2. The Sunbathers

11 Types Of People in Malaysian Swimming Pools - World Of Buzz 23

To be fair, these types tend not to be locals but tourists. They literally are the only ones who come to the swimming pool and then can come out completely dry, since it is not with water they are bathing themselves with…

Most of the times, these people are sort of an eye-candy ;).


3. The Jumpers

fat pool jump

Now this type of swimming pool regulars are the ones you have to literally watch your head for because they would simply terjun ‘sini sana’  as if its their private pool. These hyperactive rascals are usually the most noisy ones in the pool as well. Do look out for their show of somersaulting stunts though which could sometimes be quite entertaining.


4. The Pro Swimmers


Now it might be advisable to keep out of this type of regular’s way, simply for the fact they are the ones who can actually swim full length laps, as if in training for the Olympics. They are usually spotted in proper and non-sexy swimming attire complete with goggles and possibly swimming caps. They are also the quietest, like lethal sharks. Other regulars can probably term them with another name: The Pool Snobs. It’s only the water and themselves in the pool; nothing else matters to them.


5. The Intermediate Swimmers

swimming win

They are those who can swim but are not at their best yet or else they are just in for a relaxed or fun swim. They tend to be more casual in comparison to the Pros, not necessarily wearing goggles or caps and they can be more playful, like show seals. Most often they come in a bunch, usually teens, who is just there to ‘chill’.


6. The Determined Beginners


You can tell which are this type by spotting the ones who are swimming horizontally, kicking their legs furiously with their head in the water, still not knowing the right way to come up for air. They can be quite entertaining to watch and do give a good balance to the swimming pool ecosystem – whatever that means. One thing’s for sure, they are very earnest in their practice.


7. The Creepers

Just another plain ol’ pool creeper. They lurk quite frequently among us and prey on girls and guys alike; especially the more attractive ones. They take on the shape of humans, usually disguising as old farts who grin and smile at you or by themselves. Usually there just to have a sight of your smooth, bare skin, they’re blessed with excellent staring and sighting abilities including night-vision. Showering at the pool? Why don’t you take a quick look behind you…



8. The Kids

kids swimming

Usually cute and lovable, they can easily become the unlikely enemy once they jump into the big pool. Worse than the Jumpers, they have their horse-playing everywhere in the water and can sometimes just be standing there in the middle, and blocking everyone’s way. Nevertheless, they’re always forgiven for being so adorable! Let me pinch your cheeks!


9. The Toy Hoarders


These can be a toss up of being pretty fun or being a hassle. They’ll come with all sorts of gizmos like floats in the shape of a giant dolphin, water guns, beach balls, action figures, bubble guns, fancy flippers, scuba gear short of an oxygen tank – all that jazz. Sounds like a likely party, yes, but certainly makes the already filled pool more crowded with all those obstacles.


10. Ones who there for Social Media

11 Types Of People in Malaysian Swimming Pools - World Of Buzz 24

These are the ones who you know are not really there to swim. They lounge on the chairs, taking tons of selfies, and mandatory sausage leg photos. Then occasionally stand up taking more shots to flaunt their pretty new bikini.


11. The Toilet Breakers

11 Types Of People in Malaysian Swimming Pools - World Of Buzz 25

Ah, yes, the bad apples, the ones who truly ruin the swimming pool experience by ‘mistaking’ it as the public toilet. Then again, it seems like almost everyone is guilty of this!

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