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“We want to share what we have” Shah Alam Family Sets Up Food Bank Outside Their House For The Needy



Source: @marixaza's Twitter

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In these trying times, many Malaysians are struggling to sustain their own livelihoods, what more, the livelihoods of others. Thankfully, there are still some kind-hearted folks living among us who go above and beyond to look out for those in their community.

Recently, Marissa (@marixaza) took to her Twitter to share about an initiative that her family started in light of the MCO 2.0. “If you or your family know someone who’s financially affected due to covid, my parents are sponsoring these and they’re completely free for self-collection in Section 19 Shah Alam.” 

In photos shared along with the tweet, stacks of boxes could be seen loaded with essential goods like cooking oil, canned food, flour, instant noodles, eggs, salt, condensed milk, and rice. Next to these supplies, a sign reads, “FREE, Please take what you need.”

The initiative garnered an overwhelming response from both netizens and the public. In fact, just two hours after the tweet went up, Marissa had to update her Twitter thread saying that all the essential supplies had been given away.

When World of Buzz reached out to Marissa, she told us that her parents were the ones who decided to set up the mini foodbank outside their home. “It was 100% my parents’ (Maslan Urmin & Juridah Atin) own effort and initiative to sponsor basic food supplies to the needy who were financially affected by the pandemic.”

“There’s no specific reason as to why my parents decided to do so, they’re both very random and easily described as probably “suka-suka je buat” no special occasion, they just wanted to share a portion of what they earn with others who may need it most,” said Marissa when asked what spurred the family on their project of generosity.

However, the netizen admits that the mass response received from the initiative was unexpected. “It was an impromptu family affair that unexpectedly reached across so many channels both offline and online. The response was overwhelming, much more than our family initially anticipated.” As of now, Marissa’s tweet has garnered more than 30,000 retweets.

When asked how long the family is planning to keep up this initiative, she said, “at least till Syawal (sometime in mid-May) this year. We’re trying to do this twice a month. But if our funding permits, we wish to continue indefinitely,” she told WOB.

We also asked if the kind family would be open to accepting donations from people who intend on helping the needy through their food bank. “Sure, in cash or kind. All things good are meant to be shared. We will ensure all these donations will be properly and honestly managed.”

Always remember that you don’t have to start a global initiative to make a difference in the lives of the needy in your community. 


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