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Two Men Got Beaten Up at Karaoke Spot Because They Were Terrible at Singing



Two Men Shockingly Get Beaten Up Because They Are Terrible In Singing Karaoke - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
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Singing karaoke is one of the healthiest ways to reduce stress. However, if you’re not that great at singing, perhaps you want to do it more discreetly (or around really close friends!).

Case in point, these two young men were beaten up just because their singing was deemed annoying by others. This incident took place at a karaoke lounge in Heilongjiang, China just recently (May 2019), as reported by Oriental Daily.

During the time of the incident, the duo was chilling in the lounge. Not long after, one of them got up and sang out loud to the karaoke machine. Suddenly, a stranger went up to him and pointed out that his singing was unbearable and even made some provocative gestures. However, no physical confrontation was recorded at that time as the stranger exited the lounge after that.

Feeling challenged, the duo followed the man and were met with a group of people outside the lounge. A brawl soon broke out and as expected, the outnumbered duo was beaten to the ground by five men. The attackers only stopped after two minutes and went on their way.

The police were alerted and all the suspects were nabbed before being brought back to the station.

“Honestly if they didn’t come out (from the lounge), we would’ve been on our way,” one of the suspects said, adding that he didn’t expect the duo to follow him since he was with another four men at that time.

Needless to say, this incident went viral online and some cheeky netizens pointed out that this news reminded them of a scene from Shaolin Soccer.

For the victims, they only suffered light injuries from the beatings and the suspects are being probed for their crime.

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