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Tg Pagar Crash: Security Firm Apologises For Posting Insensitive Video Showing Victim In Distress



Source: The Straits Times & Today Online

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Recently, two video clips of the Tanjong Pagar accident were shared online by E3N Security, a security company in Singapore showing different angles of what took place during the crash.

One of the videos shows the white BMW driven by the victim, Jonathan Long, 29, going out of control before crashing into one of the shop lots at the side of the road. The car then bursts into flames, after which Long’s fiance, Raybe Oh can be seen running into the fire to save him.

E3N Security has since apologised for uploading the videos and removed them, saying that it was due to their administrative error in posting the full clip instead of a shorter edited clip.

“This mistake has caused unnecessary suffering for the victims’ families and we would like to apologise for our mistake and acknowledge that it is insensitive to show the full clip of Ms. Oh in distress and we would like to inform all others to refrain from sharing the full clip,” they said.

They added that they have given a high-resolution copy of the videos to the Singapore Police Force (SPF) for investigation, while a low-resolution version was given to Straits Times, the only media authorised to redistribute the video other than SPF.

“E3N Security Pte Ltd is the rightful owner and only company fully authorized to manage and release the CCTV recordings on behalf of the Owner of the premises.”

Additionally, they said that clips watermarked with “E3N Security Pte Ltd” are not by them and request that websites and social media pages that are sharing the videos without their consent and knowledge to delete the video clip that was downloaded from their Facebook page.

“We reserve the rights to take legal measures against anyone who has distributed the video without authorisation. We hope that everyone can give some space to the victims’ families in times of sorrow to tide over this tragic event.”

Netizens, however, still think it was insensitive of the company to upload the clips in the first place as such matter should only be handled by the police.

  • “Be it edited or the original clip, is there a need for YOUR COMPANY to disclose the footage? Shouldn’t the police be in a more appropriate capacity to release the footage if needed? Try harder with your reasons. I mean excuses.”
  • “Just imagine how the family members will feel knowing that the videos of their children horrible death are widely circulated because of your selfish desire to use people’s death to promote your products and company”
  • “It’s common sense that high resolution video clip about this accident should not be released to the public. Be sensitive to the victims families. Very unprofessional business ethics by E3N security firm.”

Other netizens shared different views on the matter, saying that the videos were necessary to show what actually happened instead of leaving it up to assumption.

  • “Thanks for showing what really happened instead of allowing speculations from the public to brew on.”
  • “The videos uploaded will be interpreted in many ways but then again, I believe this video is truth that Netizens will need to know what happened to those poor kids.”
  • “There is no need to apologise, the public needs to know the whole truth”

Previously, it was reported that Long’s fiance had tried to save him from the burning car, but suffered severe burns to 80% of her body. The Malaysian-born getai singer is now receiving treatment at the intensive care unit (ICU) in Singapore General Hospital.

Five men died in the accident, namely, Jonathan Long (29), Gary Wong Hong Chieh (29), Eugene Yap (29), Elvin Tan Yong Hao (29) and Zhang Qixiang (26).


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