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“As They are Putting Food on Your Table, You are Putting Food on Theirs”



'As They are Putting Food on Your Table, You are Putting Food on Theirs' - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Picha Project

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All around the world, we see news of refugees seeking a safe haven to escape the terrors of their home countries. As of June 2017, the United Nation High Commission For Refugees (UNHCR) reported a total of 65.5 million refugees worldwide. That could populate the world’s 3rd largest country! In Malaysia alone, there are about 150,000 registered refugees.

Although Malaysia welcomes refugees, it is sad to say that these refugees have limited to no access to proper education, health care, and have no legal rights to earn a sustainable source of income. How to survive?!

Thankfully, three amazing Malaysians sought to solve this issue by providing the refugees with an avenue to earn a sustainable income and empower them at the same time. Thus, the Picha Project was founded!

What started out as a project to help refugee kids stay in school has now turned into a successful social enterprise that continues to grow. Kim, Swee Lin and Suzanne founded the Picha Project (formerly known as Hands of Hope Kitchen) in 2016 as part of an initiative by Hands of Hope Malaysia, a voluntary organisation that provides education to marginalised communities, such as the refugees.

Volunteering at a school for refugee children, they noticed that more and more students were dropping out of school. Upon visiting their family homes, they realised that their students dropped out of school to find work because their families were in dire need for money.

Realising that something needs to be done, it dawned on the three co-founders that since all the families can cook, why not get them to prepare meals to cater to the public?

Capitalising on Malaysians’ love for food, the founders kickstarted their business with the family of a student from Myanmar, experimenting with different dishes, packagings, costings and such. To date, the Picha Project is working with 10 refugee families from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Myanmar to bring Malaysians wholesome home-cooked meals.

In essence, the Picha Project is a food delivery and catering service that caters home-cooked meals to corporate event, trainings, parties and many more! Customers can choose from a variety of cuisines from the menu on the Picha Project website. My personal favourite is Jasmina’s Rohingya Kitchen!

Outside of the catering business, Picha also organises open house events where guests will get to mingle with the refugee families at their family homes. Malaysians can listen to their stories and experiences while they enjoy a hearty meal prepared by them. Sounds interesting right?!

So, if you’re looking for a change of cuisine, head on over to their website and place your orders now! You get wholesome home-cooked meals without the hassle of preparing it yourself, PLUS help out a family a need! And the food really is so sedap!

In another initiative for this holiday season, Picha is making homemade biscotti – Pichacotti – which you can gift to more than just your family and friends. How cute is that name by the way?

In just a little over a year, the Picha Project has gained momentum fast with plans of expanding the business even more come 2018 to Penang and Johor!

With hardwork and the willpower to make a change, the Picha Project hopes to break stereotypes and bridge the gaps between communities one meal at a time.

To learn more about the Picha Project and what they do, visit http://www.pichaproject.com/

As they are putting food on your table, you are putting food on theirs.

Our respects to these amazing individuals!

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