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M’sian Shares How a Creepy Colleague Who Likes Her Threatens Other Male Colleagues Who Go Near Her


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Source: X | twtsecretsmy & 123RF

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Having a crush on someone is a natural feeling, and sometimes you just can’t help it. It’s a universal experience that almost everyone goes through at some point in their lives.

However, these feelings can sometimes become overwhelming and lead to impulsive or silly actions that you might later regret. An anonymous woman (let’s call her Nani) shared her experience on @twtsecretsmy about a colleague who seemed to have taken an interest in her.

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His love for her is so overwhelming that it makes her uncomfortable

Nani revealed that she works at a western restaurant, where she met her colleague Johan (pseudonym), who wasn’t shy about making it clear that he liked her.

The story goes that Johan has loudly declared his love for her multiple times, so much that even their manager and outlet manager know about it.

“The problem is, I don’t think it’s genuine love. It feels more like he’s testing the waters with his actions. He makes me uncomfortable, and I always let him know how uneasy I am around him. I ignore him whenever he says he loves me or tries to flirt.”

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He went to the extent of physically harming and threatening anyone who came near her

Nani went on to express her discomfort upon learning that her other colleagues were encouraging them to be together, despite her repeatedly stating that she has no feelings for him whatsoever.

“The worst part was that the person I vented to about Johan, despite me telling her I don’t like him that way, is encouraging us to be together. She even announced over the workplace speaker once about Johan’s feelings for me. Can you imagine how awkward that made me feel?”

She mentioned having a male friend (let’s call him Taufiq) at work who is much younger than her. They’re very close, and she sees him as a little brother. Johan eventually found out about their friendship and went so far as to try to get their manager to ghost Taufiq.

“I later found out that Johan even went as far as to physically confront Taufiq and threatened him to stay away from me.”

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He eventually moved on to a new girl who was a minor

Nani went on to share how she was sitting behind a curtain one day when he suddenly grabbed her shoulders, startling her enough to shout at him.

“Everyone around me blamed me for being behind the curtain, suggesting he wasn’t at fault because he didn’t know I was there. How could he miss seeing my shoes peeking out underneath? It just didn’t make any sense.”

After going home that day, she cried out of frustration and feeling unsupported by others. As a result, she decided to completely ignore Johan, not speaking a word to him even about work.

Since she started giving Johan the cold shoulder, he eventually moved on and began focusing on a new part-time staff member, who is only 15 years old!

“I eventually resigned because I realised how toxic the environment was, and I simply didn’t enjoy working there anymore.”



Do you think Nani made the right decision? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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Source: 123RF

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