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Man Covers Up Tattoo Of Ex-Girlfriend’s Name ‘Naomi’ to ‘Indomie’



Source: Facebook - SAT

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You thought your relationship will last forever. Everything was going great for the both of you. Heck, you even got a tattoo of her name on your arm to signify the love that you have for her. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan and you both decided to call it quits. Apart from the broken heart, the worst part of this break up is that you’re now stuck with her name tattooed on your arm. You don’t want people to be asking about the name and you’re tired of explaining the story behind it.

Removing a tattoo is more complicated and takes too long. Hence why some resort to covering up the original tattoo with a new design, and after the whole process is done, you can’t even see or detect the original tattoo. There are so many beautiful tattoo cover-ups out there but recently we saw one idea that might be the most epic. Ivan Go shared before-and-after pictures of a tattoo cover-up in the Subtle Asian Traits Facebook group and our minds were blown by the creativity.

As you can see from the pictures, the original name tattoo was “Naomi” and the owner of the tattoo decided to choose the idea of covering it up with the instant noodle brand that has a special place in everyone’s heart, the Indomie. Yes, some might say that he could choose a different design but to us, this cover-up is a win. Indomie keeps you full, it doesn’t force you to spend too much money, it satisfies you and most importantly, it won’t break your heart.

However, to tattoo a girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s name on your body might sound sweet but let’s be honest here, it is a huge permanent gamble for something that is not yet permanent. Get a matching bracelet or ring or something. In case you have an ex’s name tattooed somewhere on your body, consider covering it up with Indomie, because the love for Indomie is forever.


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