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Malaysian Guy Pretends to Faint at Random Places Just to Get Free Food and Money



Malaysian Guy Pretends to be Fainting at Random Locations Just to Get Free Food - World Of Buzz
Source: Moretify

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This guy just took the art of begging to a whole new level!

Recently, a young Malaysian guy in his early 20s became femes on social media because he has a unique skill, which is fainting.

According to Moretify, this young man would miraculously faint at random locations to garner the attention of passersby. He would then put up his Oscar-worthy performance and act like he isn’t able to recall his name or where he lives.

Apparently, his tactic seems to be working as a few netizens have fallen prey to his strategy and posted a shout-out on Facebook to help look for his family members. Here’s what one netizens said.

“Whose family member is this? I saw him fainted at BHP petrol station in Kepong. It happened at 10.30pm on 1st December 2016. He (claimed to be) from Tanjung Malim. He has no IC nor cash with him,” a netizen said.

Source: Moretify

Source: Moretify

With his modus operandi circulating on Facebook, someone saw through his game and pointed it out.

“Wow, he’s still fainting until today. Last year, he fainted three times in front of me when I was buying a hamburger. Looks like he now has a deeper understanding on the art of fainting. Keep it up!” a sarcastic netizen said. 

“He is a habitual conman. He’d act like he fainted at first. Then he’d forget his name after waking up, and he will never bring along his Identity Card. After you’ve bought food for him, he’d suddenly remember his name and where he lives. Then he’ll ask for RM20 to take a cab home. But you can be sure to see him at a cybercafe nearby after you give him the money,” another netizen said. 

And he is in the midst of expanding his territory too. Mr Worldwide in the making…

Here’s a compilation of the times he fainted as netizens shared their experience on social media.

1. BHP petrol station on Kesas Highway

Source: Moretify

2. Taipan, Subang

Source: Moretify

3. Bukit Tinggi 2, in front of Uncle Peoh

Source: Moretify

4. Taiping

Source: Moretify

5. BRT station, opposite Monash University

Source: Moretify

After he got bored with the Klang Valley, the fainting guy decided to visit Penang, as he was seen fainting again in Prangin Mall. #VisitMalaysia

Source: Facebook

 - World Of Buzz

Source: Facebook

While some netizens jokingly said that he was paying Lim Guan Eng a visit, others praised him for how he managed to faint in such a gracious position, with both hands strategically placed on his body. Besides, he was also caught opening his eyes midway when few netizens were trying to take pictures of him. Kantoi! 

When you’re pretending to sleep but also curious about what’s going on around… 

Source: Facebook

Anyway, we hope this young man would stop ‘fainting’ around to take advantage of people’s kindness. Perhaps he should consider attending an acting class since he’s obviously very talented at it. 


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