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Kuching People Will Be Fined RM500 per Mosquito Larva Found by the Gov’t



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With the heavy rain, it’s time for yet another wave of dengue outbreaks, and Sarawak is experiencing a particularly bad one.

Not only do we have to avoid being bitten by them, but we also gotta be preemptive and snuff out their breeding spots to ensure they don’t multiply in the first place.

If you’re in Sarawak, you may have to look harder in nooks and cranny that may be filled with stagnant water, home-sweet-home to mosquito larvae. This is good news for mosquitos, however. Now, dengue cases are rising in Sarawak with 700 cases recorded in the first half of this year.

According to News Straits Times, Kampung Ajibah Abol in Kuching is the latest dengue hotspot with 42 cases reported from 13 May to 17 June! That’s scary, alright!

The reported reasons for the outbreak in Kampung Ajibah Abol are improper waste disposal, littering in vacant shophouses, as well as clogged drains. Thus, Dr Mohd Daniel Salim called for cooperation from the local community to get rid of dengue ASAP.

Inspections will be carried out at breeding hotspots effective from today onwards!

Dr Mohd Daniel Salim, the Vector Borne Disease Control Unit officer of the Sarawak Health Department Kuching Division, announced that a RM500 fine will be issued if mosquito larvae are found in anyone’s home.

According to See Hua Daily, RM500 will be fined for each larva found, so if there’re 10 larvae found at your residence or premise, you’ll be fined RM5,000!

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It’s not worth it guys. Might as well clean up your surroundings often and make sure no stagnant water can be found!

Besides, it would be more effective if people dispose of their garbage properly, or even better, recycle or reuse them! Please don’t be an Aedes breeder.

Whether you’re in Sarawak or not, dengue outbreaks are absolutely avoidable if we take care of our surroundings.

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