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Johor School Student Adorably Flirts With His Teacher Through Pick Up Line Poetry In Appreciation Letter



Source: Facebook & VeryWellFamily

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Have you ever had a teacher you truly appreciated? Many of us have left emotional thank you notes to our teachers who have truly been there for us, telling them how thankful we were for the help and guidance we received.

One kid though, has truly shone brighter than the rest with his note to his teacher.

Facebook page, Makan Viral Johor, shared a note received by a teacher from a student that made netizens let out a collective ‘DAAAAWWWWWW’. Why? Because it was full of poetry-styled pick-up lines (known as pantun in Malay)!

Lain macam budak sekolah zaman sekarang. 😂🤣Kredit: Kaka

Posted by Makan Viral Johor on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The posting was captioned with, “School kids these days are truly different.”

Source: Facebook

The first page wrote, “Thank you teacher, for teaching me. I have something to say.”

Source: Facebook

The first ‘pantun’ goes,

“Two, three apples,
I write simple sentences,
If you are single,
Let’s be a couple.”

The second one reads,

“I’ll catch a Siakap fish,
I’ll fry it with onions first,
I’m shy to say,
That I like you.”

*Do keep in mind, these poems, if read in Malay, rhyme perfectly. Sort of. Give the kid a break XD.*

Source: Facebook

The third pick up line came in the form of a riddle. It said,

“What is the difference between a plane flying to Japan and the teacher?

The answer: The plane flies to Japan, the teacher flies to my heart.”

Source: Facebook

He ended his letter with a polite, “Thank you, teacher, for reading.”

Many netizens have since taken to the posting to share their opinions and it seems there are mixed reviews. Some netizens were pleasantly surprised by the student’s sense of creativity.

Source: Facebook

This comment goes, “Aduh, such powerful sentences coming from kids these days.”

While other netizens suspected some foul play at hand.

Source: Facebook

This comment says, “I think it’s best the mother looks into this, it could turn out to be the father who told him to write it.”

Let’s just look at it from the point of no foul play, this kid may very well go far with his boldness and creativity when it comes to delivering a message. XD

Makan Viral Johor’s posting has since garnered over 1,900 shares.

Why doesn’t anyone write me poems? 


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