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Japanese Man Impersonates A Woman On YouTube To Fund His Dog’s Cancer Bills



Source: Chiharu|YouTube

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Is catfishing an eligible job scope now?

The Covid-19 pandemic robbed many people of their jobs and steady income so people had to get creative but this Japanese man might have taken it a little too far.

Despite only starting “her” YouTube career last December, Chiharu steadily gained over 20K subscribers with only six videos. In all of those videos, “she” would go about her exercise routine but the camera would only seemingly be focused on her chest area. In Chiharu’s most popular video which amassed over 240K views, the video just showed her jacket with the camera focusing on her bosom most of the time.

However, five days ago, Chiharu decided to come clean on his YouTube channel with the truth that he was actually a man impersonating to be a woman. Oddity Central reported that the 37-year-old man decided to tell the truth as he felt guilty for cheating his followers. He added that he used items such as silicone breast prosthesis, women’s clothes, and a wig for his disguise.

He turned to YouTube to earn extra money as his employer reduced his salary due to the pandemic. What’s worse was that his pet dog had been diagnosed with cancer and required expensive treatments.

YouTube users had mixed reactions to Chiharu’s confession video. While some commended his honesty and took pity towards his dog, others were in infuriated. One guy even commented on how he was going to “throw up”.

Post his big reveal, Chiharu’s YouTube channel lost over 1,000 subscribers which he said was expected. No video has been posted on his channel since then and it’s unclear if he will be continuing his efforts.

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