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Indonesian Twins Reunite After Being Separated For Two Decades Thanks To TikTok



Source: thestringernews & cnbc

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TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms among youths. Being able to share entertaining and informative content while following the latest trends are among the things that make this app so relevant these days.

The social media app is particularly popular in Indonesia with around 81 million users. With that amount of people on the site, no wonder a pair of Long-lost 24-year-old twins found each other through the app.

According to Asiaone, the twins have been separated for almost 20 years. They were finally reunited on Wednesday (21 October) in Tasikmalaya, West Java after they reached out through TikTok.

Both Trena Mustika and Treni Fitri Yana burst into tears as they saw each other for the first time after almost two decades. The event took place in front of their family members and officials from the Tasikmalaya Social Affairs Agency.

Trena and Trini were born in Ambon, Maluku in 1996. Their parents were participants of the government’s transmigration program. The program aimed to relocate families to regions outside of the densely populated Java Island.

After being born, Treni’s parents left her under the care of their neighbours, Rini and Misranto who were also transmigrants.

However, in 1999, a bloody conflict between Muslim and Christian communities erupted in Ambon. All of them, including thousands of transmigrants, were forced to leave the island.

Trena and her parents went back to their hometown which was in Tasikmalaya while Misranto took his family and Treni to Malang, East Java. Both families lost contact after that.

The twins’ father said that he had attempted to look for Treni in Malang several years ago but was not successful. Later, both of them found each other after Trena found Treni’s TikTok videos and decided to reach out to her.

The two had extensive discussions with each other before Treni decided to visit Tasikmalaya. She was hoping to reunite with Trena and their biological parents.

Treni is currently living in Blitar, East Java. Her name has been changed from Euis Treni Mustika to Treni Fitri Yana by her adoptive parents.

The young woman said that she was not aware of having a twin sister since her adoptive parents never mentioned it before.

“I was shocked and happy beyond words (when I found out),” Treni said as quoted by kompas.com.

Apart from meeting her twin sister, Treni was also reunited with her six biological siblings in Tasikmalaya.

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Source: kompas

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