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Groom Was About To Marry His ‘Pregnant Wife’, Finds Out She Is a MAN Instead!



Groom finds out his ‘pregnant wife’ is a DUDE! - World Of Buzz

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How.. how.. how..?!?! can he not know?

But let’s not be too hasty to write him off just yet, let’s get the full story.

A man named Wang, from the province of Henan was overjoyed when his girlfriend whom he had originally met over the internet, tells him that she was pregnant, the Shanghaiist reports.

Ok, you were right, the word pregnant is too much,.. but let’s continue.

Upon hearing the good news, Wang’s family then flew into the busyness of wedding preparations for the big event.

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However, exactly 3 days short after the wedding, Wang’s new wife has disappeared along with many valuables and gifts costing ten of thousands of Chinese Yuan.

They must have been either really rich or really liked the girl, cause Wang’s family written off the incident as a young couple’s spat and therefore did not lodge a police report.

Wah macam very easy like that.

Unfortunately, yes unfortunately for Wang there has been a rather similar incident reported by another young gentleman from the nearby Ruzhou city. Similarly this other gentleman has met a girl, Miao Xiaomin over the internet and was most probably smitten to the bones. She had successfully persuaded and coax 31,000 Yuan out from him. That’s approximately RM19,100!

From the report, the police were able to lure and catch this minx, Miao at an internet cafe. But lo and behold, the scammer who won these men’s hearts wasn’t a beautiful girl but a man instead!

27-years old Miao Songtao, MALE, was captured and taken into police custody.

scared how i met your mother screaming pointing marshall

Upon the search of his residence, police located his props for his disguises — skirts, wigs, heels, cosmetic masks and even lady’s underwear; hopefully not one with a G-string, ouch!

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In the prison cell, Miao has explained to the police that since young, he had always been fascinated with these things. Miao was however uncertain of his sexuality, but said he certainly loved money.

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Over the span of a year and more, Miao was able to swindle hundreds of thousands of Chinese Yuan out of a whooping total of 11 boyfriends! Now that is impressive!

Miao certainly has a special talent to have gone so far with such an outrageous trickery. He would have invested a significant amount of time and money in the preparations alone.

Maybe Miao would have been better off should he have invested his efforts in giving dating advises/tips. What a BOY!

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