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Girl Goes to Dinner With BF’s Family For First Time, Finds Out His Dad is Her Sugar Daddy



Girl Agrees to Have Dinner With BF's Family, Discovers the Father to Be Her Sugar Daddy - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Blog

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Think reunion dinners with your kepoh relatives are bad? Well, wait until you read what this girl had to go through.

Recently (September 2018), a Malaysian netizen who goes by the name of Ashraf on Twitter shared an interesting story about how a sugar baby ‘bumped’ into her sugar daddy during this rather awkward situation. Apparently, her sugar daddy is an elderly man in his 50s and they both would meet up and sleep together every week.

Needless to say, the sugar baby was getting thousands of ringgits for sleeping with the elderly man.

Source: Twitter

The story was first shared by someone to Ashraf on Curious Cat, a Q&A social network, which blew netizens away. Here’s what was written.

“So, one day, she got to know this handsome, sweet and charming guy. They got to know each other and both were ready to bring their relationship to the next step. In short, the boyfriend brought her to a dinner with his family.”

“You know what, the boyfriend’s father turned out to be her sugar daddy! Throughout the dinner, my friend felt so awkward and held her head down. Now she has to entertain two dic*s.”

Picture for illustration purposes only | Source: Blog

Netizens were amused and mind-blown by how messed up this story was, with some even comparing it to a Malay drama on TV3! Although we weren’t physically there with the family during the dinner, we know for sure that the atmosphere must have been super awkward!

Let’s be honest, that dinner is just a start. If their relationship (the one between the girl and her boyfriend) lasts till marriage, she’s gonna have to deal with more uncomfortable moments like this. Good luck, girl! 


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