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Did You Know That Mr. Bean Caused a Proton Saga’s Engine to Explode in an Episode in 1995?


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Source: WapCar - BM | Facebook

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Over the years, we’ve seen Proton Sagas popping up in all kinds of places including multiple times in the UK, from the ‘Festival of the Unexceptional‘ to a YouTuber’s barn.

This vehicle is so iconic that it was even made into a Hot Wheels car.

But, did you know that the old school Proton Saga also showed up in an episode of Mr. Bean? WapCar – BM recently took to their Facebook page to showcase a clip from the comedic classic where a Proton Saga appeared!

Bean 1


They wrote, “Who still remembers the Proton Saga cameo in this episode of Mr. Bean?”

The episode in question is the 12th in the Mr. Bean series, titled ‘Tee Off, Mr. Bean‘.

In the clip, Mr. Bean has to go on an elaborate journey towards retrieving a golf ball he had accidentally hit out of a golf course. Mid way through this journey, the ball ended up in the exhaust pipe of the Proton Saga parked by the side of the road.

Bean 2


Instead of just using his hand to pick out the golf ball, Mr. Bean decides to squat behind the Proton Saga and tries to unsuccessfully whack the ball out with his golf club. The owner of the Malaysian classic car could then be seen getting into the Proton Saga, unaware of Mr. Bean’s presence.

Bean 3


When the owner started the car’s engine, the exhaust pipe started to shake as the golf ball was clogging it up. Afraid of the outcome, Mr. Bean quickly runs to hide behind a lamp post as the Proton Saga’s engine blows up. Ahhhh, classic Mr. Bean.

Bean 4


Watch a clip of it below:

Cameo Proton Saga dalam episod Mr Bean

Siapa masih ingat cameo Proton Saga dalam episod Mr Bean ni?

Posted by WapCar – BM on Wednesday, July 8, 2020


If this doesn’t make you feel old (as we are), we don’t know what will. 


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