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Australian News Programme Claims Pilot of Doomed MH370 Likely to be Suicidal



American Tv Show Claims Pilot Of Doomed Mh370 Was Suicidal - World Of Buzz 5

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In 2014, flight MH370 was China-bound when the entire aircraft disappeared into thin air. The tragic flight departed from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) was scheduled to arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport but sadly the Boeing 777 carrying 239 crew and passengers never arrived, and till date is not found.

Many nations assisted in the search, not to mention loads of money have been poured into it in hopes of finding the missing aircraft of flight MH370. However, the searches always came up empty handed.

Australian news programme, 60 minutes, came up with some theories that our Malaysian government was possibly trying to conceal that the pilot flying the aircraft was suicidal and was responsible for the tragedy.

American Tv Show Claims Pilot Of Doomed Mh370 Was Suicidal - World Of Buzz 4

60 minutes addresses the existence of records from a home simulator used by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah that showed he previously practice his suicide route before carrying out his death mission. The report states that Zaharie practiced the route that turns back to Malaysia, heads back up to Penang and then onwards in the direction of Sumatra.

Zaharie ‘supposedly’ wiped the records of these practice sessions as to not raise any suspicion.

American Tv Show Claims Pilot Of Doomed Mh370 Was Suicidal - World Of Buzz 1 American Tv Show Claims Pilot Of Doomed Mh370 Was Suicidal - World Of Buzz 2

So far, 2 substantial pieces of the aircraft have been found — the plane’s flaperon (on the coast of Madagascar) and wing flap (in Tanzania).

According to renowned flight crash investigator interviewed by 60 minutes, the corrosion and abrasions at the winged-ends of both debris suggest that it was deliberately extended by a rogue pilot to keep the plane intact as much as possible, dragging it through sea waters.

Professional air crash investigator, Larry Vance who’s led over 200 investigations said there’s ‘definite evidence’ for his theory that the pilot for MH370 deliberately flew the plane into the sea.

“The force of the water is really the only thing that could make that jagged edge that we see. It wasn’t broken off. If it was broken off, it would be a clean break. You couldn’t even break that thing,” he said.

Vance states that should an aircraft lose control at 30,000 above sea level, the tremendous impact upon hitting the waters would have shattered the plane into at least 2 million pieces. It debris would have also been floating on the surface of the ocean for days and weeks.

So, in short, what he’s saying is:

  1. The plane was manned upon the crash
  2. It was dragged through sea waters causing it’s engine to be ripped off and the plane to break into large pieces

When asked if there’s a possibility MH370 remains in large pieces at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, the investigator responded it was very plausible that it was the reason why not many debris of the huge aircraft was found.

American Tv Show Claims Pilot Of Doomed Mh370 Was Suicidal - World Of Buzz 3

What’s the motive?

With the reports that Zaharie had practiced the suicidal route and wiped the records, MH370 looks very much to be a mass killing suicidal mission. But till date, the Malaysian government has denied this claim, again and again, stating both pilot and co-pilot were in a good mental state before the flight.

Is the plane really largely at the bottom of the Indian Ocean? Is the pilot responsible for this tragedy? Is there more to it than the government telling us?

To be honest? Sounds just like any other case of the usual conspiracy theories.

Sadly, these questions remain unanswered. Hopefully, a day will come where the grieving family members will be given, at this point, a simple closure.

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