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9 Little Moments That Make Us Malaysians Go #KitaOK


9 Little Moments That Make Us Malaysians Go #kitaok - World Of Buzz 5

We all know that being Malaysian, we wouldn’t trade our nationality for anything else in the world. Regardless of any controversy or tragedy that might surround the nation, we know that at the end of the day, we’ll pull through because we ARE Malaysian. That being said, here are a few moments that would probably make you go ‘eh #KitaOK lah’.

1. The ‘semangat Malaysia’ when it comes to supporting our national athletes

We may have our differences when it comes to which football club we support, but we never fail to come together for our Harimau Malaysia. Of course, it goes without saying that any televised sports matches are the go-to lepak session whenever Malaysia is playing. Mamak anyone?

10 Little Moments That Make Us Malaysians Go #kitaok - World Of Buzz 5

Source: nst


2. When you have a meal so good you could actually die happy

10 Little Moments That Make Us Malaysians Go #kitaok - World Of Buzz 4

We say it time and time again. Malaysians LOVE food. If it was legal to marry food, we just might. With an array of cuisines to share and choose from, we don’t just eat to live; we live to eat. Once in awhile though, we come across a life-changing meal so good that it brings us to tears.

10 Little Moments That Make Us Malaysians Go #kitaok - World Of Buzz 9

Kan dah cakap we love to eat!


3. When you can wear your pyjamas to go shopping

The fact that we’re not pressured to look like we’re walking a runway whenever we go out (unless of course, it’s a fancy shmancy event because please lah, be appropriate) for a lepak session would have to be the best feeling in the world. The best combo? T-shirt, shorts and slippers.

If we did this anywhere else, people will be judging! In Malaysia? Rilek je lah!


4. The copious amount of public holidays every year

When you factor in all the festive seasons, rulers’ birthdays, state holidays and the occasional we-won-a-gold-medal public holiday, we’ve got a celebration almost every month. This year alone, we’ve had 21 national public holidays excluding state holidays!

10 Little Moments That Make Us Malaysians Go #kitaok - World Of Buzz 6

Source: cilisos


5. When there’s a new Petronas ad for the festive season

Besides the public holidays the festive seasons bring, another thing that Malaysians look forward to are the Petronas advertisements that accompany them. We love to watch these ads and laugh and cry at the same time because it’s just so funny yet touching!

9 Little Moments That Make Us Malaysians Go #kitaok - World Of Buzz 1

Don’t lie, I know you confirm do this too!


6. Our mutual understanding of Malaysian timing

We all know that when we say ‘on the way’, we could very well mean on the way to wherever we’re supposed to be… or on the way to the toilet to get ready.

10 Little Moments That Make Us Malaysians Go #kitaok - World Of Buzz 2

Source: memecenter

It’s almost an unspoken rule that whenever we arrange to meet at a certain time, we all collectively show up 30 minutes later.


7. When we care about people outside of our community

As Malaysians, we don’t just extend a helping hand to our fellow countrymen, we care for the welfare of those who seek refuge and have come to call Malaysia ‘home’ too. Take for example, the many efforts to give refugees in Malaysia a better life and education.

9 Little Moments That Make Us Malaysians Go #kitaok - World Of Buzz 2

Source: says. Com

The Picha Project partners with refugee families to cater their homeland cuisines to Malaysians, giving them a chance to earn a living. To date, they cater 6 different types of cuisines ranging from Afghan to Rohingya and even Iraqi!


8. When we converse in our usual rojak language

One of the best things about Malaysia is the plethora of languages and dialects being spoken by everyone. We have 137 by the way! This would also mean that we tend to overlap our languages when we converse with each other.

I mean, where else in the world will you find a sentence containing 4 different languages that still make complete sense? Cool right? 


9. When you witness random acts of kindness

It always warms the heart to see random acts of kindness being done. It gives us hope that there is faith in humanity after all! The best part? It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It can be something as simple as a kind compliment or even to belanja someone an ice cream! Which is exactly what happened to Subash Chandrabose Arumugam Pillai when he was queueing to get a taste of the D24 Durian McFlurry one day.

10 Little Moments That Make Us Malaysians Go #kitaok - World Of Buzz

The kind lady in front of him offered to place their orders together to reduce the queue and waiting time. On top of that, she paid for his ice cream too!

It’s moments like these that make us believe that actually, #KitaOK as a nation. We know that there will always be a rainbow to look forward to after a rainfall.

Even though we’re still going to complain about the rain, since we’re Malaysian like that.

We here at WORLD OF BUZZ would like to remind you to realise that it’s small things in life along with moments like these that we usually take for granted.

#KitaOK is a social media initiative aimed to spread the message of positivity and gratefulness for the little things in life to brighten up our Malaysian way of life. Check out this video of some Malaysians from all walks of life who are living testaments that everything is OK with a bit of positivity.

We hope these stories will inspire you to look on the brighter side of life no matter the situation. If you liked the video and want more, you can even check out all the other #KitaOK stories on the KitaOK website.

And if you have some of your own OK experiences, share your story on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and hashtag it with #KitaOK and you might just see it up on their website too! What else are you waiting for guys? Go out and spread some positivity!

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