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6mo Baby Pressed by the Neck on Bed Until He Vomited as His Father Couldn’t Stand His Crying



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A 25-year-old father pleaded guilty in court on 25th November after he was charged with causing hurt to his wife and his baby boy.

According to Today Online, the incident happened in Singapore on 2nd September this year. The father was trying to sleep early in the morning but was woken up by noises coming from his then six-month-old son.

He scolded the boy and told him to be quiet before shouting at his wife and telling her that he would mistreat her and the boy. He then went back to sleep.

At about 3pm, he ordered his wife to put their son next to him on the bed which she was reluctant to do so, but eventually obeyed and placed the boy next to his father.

However, not long after that, she heard the boy crying and saw the father pressing his neck with his face down on the bed. This had caused the boy to vomit some milk on the bed.

The wife then tried to intervene and a struggle ensued between them. She slapped her husband and tried to take the son away from him. But this only made him angry and he punched her in the forehead.

She grabbed the baby and ran out of the flat and handed the baby to a neighbour before going to Punggol Neighbourhood Police Centre to make a police report.

She was taken to the hospital later in the day and was found to have a minor head injury and given seven days of hospitalisation leave. Meanwhile, the boy was taken to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital where he was fortunately found to have no injuries.

The father was then arrested and charged in court for hurting his wife and son. District Judge May Mesenas called for reports to assess if he is suitable for a community service order or day reporting order. Both are community-based sentences and offenders will not have a criminal record if they successfully complete them.

Now, the father remains out on bail and is expected to be sentenced in January next year. For causing hurt by a rash act endangering the child’s safety, the father could be jailed up to a year, fined up to S$5,000, or both. For causing hurt to his wife, he could be jailed up to two years, fined up to S$5,000, or both.


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