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21yo S’porean Makes Close to RM20K a Month as a Food Rider, Says it Motivates Him to Work Harder


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Source: TikTok | wanganbryyan & TikTok | wanganbryyan

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In today’s generation, there’s a growing trend of people turning to gig work. Every day, more and more individuals are even opting for jobs as food delivery riders.

In a recent post by user @wanganbryyan, he took to his TikTok to share the monthly income he’s been earning solely from being a food rider in Singapore.

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“I’m too addicted to working as a food rider”

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, Bryan shared how he started working as a food rider since September 2023 because he found the job quite relaxing.

He continued to explain how this job allows him to work flexibly, from any location he prefers. He even mentioned how customers can tip riders from S$2 (RM7) to S$4 (RM14) or more, and how food riders can receive incentive bonuses if they work extra hard.

He added,

“Surely there are dozens of people becoming food delivery riders because many jobs, such as IT, HR, accounting, and healthcare, offer lowball salaries, making it almost impossible to support their families and survive in Singapore.”

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He has no plans to pursue further education for a lifetime

Bryan continued to share how many individuals, holding diplomas/degrees and possessing relevant experience, are struggling to find decent jobs especially after being retrenched.

Despite earning S$6,794.88 (approximately RM20k) in a month alone, he also expressed how, like any other job, he faces challenges where he must chase dreams and turn them into reality. He also noted how he must brave the rain and work under scorching weather.

“I have been working as a food rider for 6 months. The experience of chasing the dream and turning it into reality is very challenging. You have to brave the rain and work under the hot weather.”

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He’s working extra hard to earn that kind of money!

The 21-year-old revealed that every day, he would fulfill 40 to 50 orders or even more, earning roughly S$200 (RM700) to S$300 (RM1k), or sometimes even more.

He then shared how the job motivates him a lot and he finds it to be one of the shortcut ways to make fast money. But of course, how much money you’ll get depends solely on how much hard work you want to put in.

Bryan ended the interview with his own advise to everyone out there who’s working as a food rider,

“Always stay vigilant while you’re riding on the road. There’s no such thing as riding too fast. You will breach the guidelines and get penalized for spilling the customer’s order from the cup or damaging the cake without avoiding the uneven road. You may also endanger people and others if you hit-and-run.”


We hope Bryan’s story motivates everyone to pursue their dreams and work hard to turn them into reality, regardless of the job you have!


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