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This Woman Earns Hundreds of Dollars Just for Squishing Her Face onto Bread



Woman Becomes Instagram Famous, Makes Hundreds of Dollars for Squishing Her Face onto Bread - World Of Buzz

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This may be by far one of the most eccentric ways to make a living we’ve seen so far.

An anonymous woman, referred to as “Bread Face”, “Bread Face Girl, “Your Bread Queen” has sensationalised the Internet by her bread-smashing facials. And before you start mocking her, she has a hefty 82.5k followers on her Instagram account that documents her strange antics.



The woman’s Instagram account “breadfaceblog” is, according to it’s tagline, “giving the people something they didn’t ask for.

In an interview with Tech Insider, the 27 year-old Bread Face works a day job as a writer based in Brooklyn. She says she’s always had this tactile obsession with food, but only started using her Instagram account about a year ago.

Bread Face says the idea came to her constantly having the urge to feel her food, particularly with her face.


“When I would describe this urge to my friends, they’d always laugh so I figured it would make other people laugh too,” says Bread Face to Tech Insider.

“I liked knowing it could potentially cheer someone up who’s having a bad day.”

Her grams follow a similar style: she sits herself down at a table, her face half revealed, plays a popular hit in the background whilst she dives straight into a piece of bread.

“I wanted to make somone’s day,” she tells Tech Insider

“Turns out, [sticking my face into bread] makes a lot of people confused or aroused.”

Some people love her Instragram account so much they even send her money or buy the clothes she wears in certain videos. She links an eBay account on her Instagram for those fans.

Bread Face says she uses all of the funds to pay for her bread, and the amount of money she receives varies each week.

“There are some weeks I don’t receive any [money], and some weeks a couple hundred [dollars]. I’m grateful for any amount!” she says

Bread Face says she’s received a largely positive response to her unconventional videos. Comments on her posts range from a spectrum of “What the f*ck is going on”, “I’m very uncomfortable” to “I’m confused but I like it” and “This is something we’d do.”

She also has fans who will send her videos of themselves trying out her bread-smashing facials. And she’s started her own hashtag, #breadfacing.

As for her favourite type of bread to smash into? Anything unhealthy feels the best on her face.

“The least nutritional [bread] tends to be the most pleasing to the face which, I’m sure, is no accident,” she tells Tech Insider “The most pleasing and addicting things in life we usually find irresistible”. 

Now that is one piece of meaningful wisdom you’d least expect to find here.

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