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“Which 3rd World Country is This?”, Photo of Disgusting Trash-Filled M’sian Apartment Goes Viral



Malaysians Trashy - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Reddit

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Oh no! Why are we getting famous internationally for all the wrong reasons? 

Recently, a photo of a lower-ground level of a Malaysian apartment complex went viral internationally on Reddit due to the unpleasant trash-filled sight. The post was submitted to the r/trashy subreddit which is a place where netizens can share things, people or media that boldly and shamelessly violate social conventions and cultural norms. Pretty fitting subreddit for the photo then!

In this particular case, the original poster with the username u/asiankid47 shared how his upstair neighbours think it’s “cool” to throw rubbish out of their windows and how he has to endure the smell an unsightly view of a “hellhole” every day through his bedroom window. Weh, that’s super not cool!

Here is the appalling trash-filled “hellhole” in question:

Malaysians So Trashy - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Reddit

Reddit, a website that has millions of users from all over the globe are shocked by such thoughtless littering, particularly in a shared living area such as an apartment complex, which can be seen via the comments in the post.

One particular user asked in which country was the photo taken and surprise, surprise, it was from Malaysia!

Malaysians Trashy - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Reddit

The original poster did not specify the exact location of the apartment complex but unfortunately, we Malaysians are all too familiar with this senseless littering, especially for those who live in apartment complexes.

When the post was referenced in Malaysia’s very own subreddit here, a lot of locals voiced out how this is all too common in our country.

Malaysians Trashy - WORLD OF BUZZ 3
Source: Reddit

One comment confirms this is how apartment complexes such as PPRs look like, while another commenter hopes that karma will pay back these “selfish pricks”.

“Went on volunteer work to clean the PPR area. Can confirm this is how it looked like.”

“Selfish pricks…simpy throwing out the window..really hope karma gets them.”

Malaysians Trashy - WORLD OF BUZZ 4
Source: Reddit

Back on the original post, one international user asked the person who took the photo whether he can report the neighbours to the police for offences like this. This is what he replied,

“Nah, I don’t think the police will take action even if you’re a citizen. No action are taken for littering in my country, in streets, rivers, drains….”

The original poster also confirmed that he has complained to the building management regarding this problem but the only thing they did was put up a “friendly-reminder” poster in the apartment’s lifts to not litter carelessly.

“The management doesn’t do sh*t too. Just put up some “friendly reminder “ BS on the lift…”

Malaysians Trashy - WORLD OF BUZZ 5
Source: Reddit

The original poster also confirms that he or she will be moving out of the apartment soon with one of the reasons being the trash-filled hellhole that he or she has to bear with every day.  Well, we can relate because no one deserves to live with such an unsightly view every day!

What do you think of the whole matter? Do we Malaysians have an attitude problem regarding littering and waste management? Have you been in the same situation before? Share your thoughts and personal stories with us in the comments section!


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