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Video: 40yo Woman Slaps Teenage Girl After She Was Called “Aunty” At Indian Marketplace



Source: Pakistan Latest Youtube

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A near middle-aged woman slapped a 19-year-old teenager after the latter referred to her as “aunty” when passing through a crowded Indian marketplace.

The incident occurred when the teenager said “excuse me, aunty” as she tried to make her way through a market in Etah, India. The woman was so riled up by this statement that she started scolding the girl and even slapped her, questioning her for her “misbehaviour”, as reported by the Times Of India.

The 40-year-old repeatedly slandered the young girl with verbal abuse and a fight broke out between the two. A crowd soon surrounded them and an eye-witness present at the scene recorded and uploaded the footage that went viral on Tuesday (10 November).

In the video, bystanders can be seen trying to break up the fight involving the 40-year-old and another woman yanking the younger girl’s hair and pulling off her headscarf before authorities arrived to handle the situation.

Both parties were detained and brought to the police station where they settled the situation among themselves with no formal complaint launched. The Station house officer, Kanchan Katiyar said, “the teenager called the woman “aunt”, after which she burst into outrage and beat up the girl. Both parties were taken to the police station. Later, their relatives arrived and they settled the issue among themselves.”

“Both the woman and the girl belong to families that were well off and no formal complaint was launched,” added the officer.

Nobody likes being called “aunty”, but does that really warrant a fight? What do you guys think? 


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