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Uncle Slaps Youngsters in Setapak 6 Times After Claiming They Used Their Car Lights to Hurt His Eyes


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Source: Yik Cheng | Facebook

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People these days have to extra careful on the road due to the increase in road users getting aggravated and violent over the tiniest things.

Case in point, an uncle had allegedly slapped a youngster and his friend multiple times and threatened them because they had their lights on when they were parking their car.

The youngster’s girlfriend, Yik Cheng, took to her Facebook page to recount the incident, which took place on October 14 (Saturday) in Setapak.

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She wrote, “My boyfriend made an appointment with a friend to have a meal at Setapak. Since it was raining heavily when we left from PJ, my boyfriend turned on his lights (low beam) and went to Setapak. When we were parking, there was an uncle (in the photo) who kept flashing his lights and honking at us.”

“Our friend got out of the car in a nice and polite manner and asked him what was wrong. This uncle immediately scolded us as soon as he got out of his car, saying that we purposefully turned on our high beams to hurt his eyes and he also said that our lights were modified white lights.”


She then clarified that her boyfriend’s car lights were not modified and were the regular shade of yellow.

Slap 2

“We politely said that we were not driving with out high beams on and told him that he can come take a look for himself. But, he just came over and slapped my boyfriend across the face and said that he was being arrogant, and kept repeating that our lights were modified.”

“Then, my boyfriend called the police directly, and the uncle kept saying ‘call the police, call the police to come‘. He took advantage of my boyfriend calling the police and slapped him again, and then said he would slap my boyfriend every time he saw him. After that, he changed his target and slapped our friend and smashed 2 phones,” Yik Cheng added.


When the man noticed that the boys were no longer willing to take the abuse and was about to defend themselves, he said that he would bring backup and left the scene in his white Proton Wira.

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They soon made a police report about the incident, especially considering that the uncle’s attack left the youngsters considerably injured.

“He slapped my boyfriend and our friend 6 times in total. Our friend also lost 2 pieces of flesh from the inside of his mouth and his face was swollen,” she said, urging people to defend themselves should they encounter a similar incident with the man.

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She also hopes to see the man be brought to justice for his violent ways.


You can check out videos from the incident here.

We too hope that the authorities will quickly take action against the man before someone else gets hurt in his wrath.

What would you done if you were in their shoes? Do feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Source: Yik Cheng
Source: Yik Cheng
Source: Yik Cheng
Source: Yik Cheng

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