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Son Allegedly Slashes & Dismembers Mother, Shoots Himself In The Head When Her Body Was Discovered



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Extremely gruesome images ahead, viewer discretion is highly advised.

Tragedy strikes in Bangkok as a 42-year-old mother was killed and dismembered, then placed in a freezer, allegedly by her 20-year-old son, who then shot himself in the head.

Her body was discovered by a friend who had been trying to contact her regarding business matters but only received silence. She then appeared at the victims’ house but the son had refused her entry. After insisting and entering the house, the lady had searched everywhere and finally found the mother’s body in the freezer.

Source: Facebook

That’s when the son had apparently taken a gun out of a room and shot himself, as according to the Bangkok Post.

The mother was dismembered in five parts – head, arms, upper torso and lower torso with legs. Her upper torso showed nine stab wounds to the back, whereas a slash wound was found on her neck.

Source: Facebook

When police arrived on the scene, the son, who was a second-year student at a technology institute, was still alive with the .38 pistol next to his body, despite his shot wound to the head. He only died hours later at the Nakhon Thon Hospital.

Source: Facebook

Their relatives have since spoken out regarding the boy’s mental instability, as records show that he was an outpatient at the Somdet Chaopraya Institute of Psychiatry and also suffered from major depression.

It is still unsure as to what exactly caused the son to attack his mother in such a gruesome way, but he certainly suffered for it as he bled out for hours before dying by his own hand.

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