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Singaporean Man Brutally Beats Up Elderly Neighbour to ‘Teach Her a Lesson’



Singaporean Man Beats Up Elderly Neighbour Until She Suffers Multiple Fractures - World Of Buzz
Source: Lianhe Zaobao

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We’ve all had annoying neighbours and some that are exceptionally horrid. However, this poor 69-year-old lady has probably gotten one of the worst as her neighbour had beaten her up so badly that she had to go through surgery!

The 53-year-old man used a 140cm wooden pole to bash the elderly woman because she was ‘being too noisy’ and he wanted to ‘teach her a lesson’.

The incident took place on October 22, 2016 at the void deck of Block 6, Kim Tian Road, Singapore, STOMP reported.

At about 11am on that fateful day, the man picked up the weapon, which he had hid at a rubbish collection point nearby, to assault the woman.

As she was passing by the void deck towards the supermarket, she suddenly heard someone shouting ‘auntie!’. She turned around to find her neighbour holding that pole as he suddenly started bashing her with it!

He attacked her on her head, arms and upper body until she was bleeding. Thankfully, her cries for help in both English and Mandarin were heard by another neighbour who came to her aid.

In the end, she passed out and woke up in the hospital.

“After the attack, I was in a semi-comatose state. The doctor later told me after I awoke that he had operated me for eight and a half hours after that.”

It was revealed that the elderly woman suffered multiple fractures. She went through surgery and had to receive blood transfusion.

On May 23, 2017, the attacker was sentenced to 36 months in prison. Apparently, both of them have been neighbours for over 10 years.

Before the attack, the man had even asked for a cigarette or some money from her. But she had already quit smoking and had no money to spare.

“Sometimes, we’ll bump into each other outside, and he’ll ask me for money. The amount ranges from SGD2 to SGD20 (approx. RM6 to RM60).”

However, the guy is presumed to be suffering from depression, that’s why he is super sensitive. So, the ‘excessively loud’ noises from the woman’s unit had triggered him terribly.

Fortunately, the man admitted that he acted with intention and knew how wrong he was for attacking other people.

But a bit too late for him to realise this hor…

The elderly woman is still traumatised by the incident. When the press went to interview her at her home, she said that she was unable to move her right hand freely.

“The doctors advised me to take it slow, and I’m learning how to write all over again.”

Other normal day-to-day activities were also tough for the woman to perform, such as using the remote control and writing.

Singaporean Man Beat Up Neighbour to 'Teach Her a Lesson' for Being Too Loud - World Of Buzz

Sure, we may get super annoyed by some of our neighbours sometimes but that doesn’t mean we should resort to violence, what more if they are older than us.

Even if it doesn’t hurt, a broken hand is still really troublesome you know.

WORLD OF BUZZ wishes the auntie a speedy recovery!

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