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Say Goodbye To Cockroaches With These 7 Ingredients You Can Find In Your Kitchen!


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Source: The Spruce Eats & SCMP

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Almost everyone’s worst nightmare happens when they see a certain creepy-crawler scurrying around their house, getting ready to fly. Yes, you know it. Cockroaches!

Previously we shared how you could instantly paralyse cockroaches. Now, here are hacks you’ve never heard about(or maybe you have), on how you can get rid of them with just a few items you can find in your own kitchen!

Here are seven ways you can get rid of those nasty insects:


1. Mint Oil

Mint Oil

Surely, this is not everyone’s everyday oil. However, the strong smell of mint happens to work as a repellent to keep the bugs away. According to Cockroach Facts, other than freshening up your room, the strong odour gives off a toxic smell to the roaches. All you need to do is spray some mint essence in the areas you think those cockroaches are festering in and leave it overnight.


2. Coffee Grounds

Coffee 1

This strong aroma makes everyone’s day. Including cockroaches. However, unlike us, instead of keeping them awake, coffee grounds work as a trap for cockroaches. Not sure if that’s caffeine doing the work or just by simply making a small cup of coffee and leaving them in dark corners of the house, these insects will be having trouble finding their way out.


3. Baking Soda

Baking Soda 1

When it comes to cleaning or whitening, baking soda is your best friend. Baking soda causes their digestive system to bloat, leading to their death. So just mix some baking soda with some sugar and scatter them where it’s necessary.  You’ll have a field of dead cockroaches in the morning!


4. Garlic, Onion and Pepper Mix

Garlic Onion

Who knew insects don’t like onions either? The smell of this garlic onion pepper mixture is enough to keep the cockroaches away for good. The pepper is strong enough to be a natural eliminator for cockroaches, all it needs is to be left overnight. As long as you keep it as a routine, these pests will be non-existent in your kitchen.


5. Cucumber Peel

Cucumber Peel

What may be helpful for our bodies, may be helpful for our minds too! Although cucumbers do not seem like much of a threat, it is to the cockroaches. According to Garrets, cockroaches hate the smell of cucumber. All you need to do is put a cup full of cucumber peels in a tin can and place them in the areas you know the insects will definitely reside.


6. Lemon Juice


This delicious and refreshing fruit is another good way to keep cockroaches away. Just mix some lemon juice with water and mop the roach-infested places. Just be sure to make it part of your routine.


7. White Vinegar

Vinegar 1

If you are one to be able to stand the smell of vinegar, then this is the method for you. All you have to do is mix some white vinegar and water into a bottle, make sure they are combined well, and spray accordingly.

Which of these ingredients will you guys be using? 


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