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PDRM is on the Hunt for Viral Vehicle Owners Who Lepak & Cooked at Genting Highland’s Gas Station


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Source: X | localrkyt

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There’s a place and time to showcase your cooking skills, and cooking at the gas station near flammable items is just not the right way to do it.

In case you have missed it, a group of Malaysians recently went viral on X, shared by @localrkyt for parking their cars at the Genting Highlands gas station and cooking there. Some ladies were spotted cooking with portable stoves, while others were casually hanging around at the crowded gas station.

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If you didn’t know, you would’ve thought a party was ongoing.

The cars were parked at the gas station and judging from the viral video, most of the spaces inside the gas station were occupied with the gang’s vehicles.

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The “party” caused major concern to the public and in an official statement yesterday, PDRM said that they are investigating the matter, and are on the hunt for the vehicle owners.

The investigation started when PDRM received complaints from the public regarding the matter, a day after the “cooking fiesta” went viral on platform X.

An investigation is now underway and the matter is now investigated under Section 268 and 336 of the Penal Code – causing panic to the public, and causing danger to the lives of others, respectively.

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Bentong’s district Chief Police, Superintendent Zaiham Mohd Kahar is asking for public help to come forward and assist in the investigation, especially those who have witnessed the matter. In the statement, Zaiham also hinted at more police presence around the said gas station.

“Bentong police will also conduct patrol at the gas station around weekends, especially on weekends and public holidays.”

Zaiham revealed that PDRM has received multiple tips that the gas station was often packed with crowds of vehicle owners during the said timelines.

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“The vehicle owners are said to be disrupting the peace of the public, particularly the road users who pass by the area.”

We understand that it’s the “healing era” with your friends, but endangering your lives and causing public nuisance are not really “healing”.


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Source: @localrkyt

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