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M’sians Who Miss Travelling Share 6 Things They’ve Been Doing To Cure The Pain


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For the past year and a half, we’ve all been stuck in our home countries unable to travel the world as most international borders were closed due to the ongoing pandemic. We’d be lucky to even be able to travel locally!

Life without travelling has indeed been a dull one as many of us would look forward to our travel plans all year long. So we reached out to six Malaysians who miss travelling the world and asked them what they’ve been doing to cure the pain. Here’s what they have to say:


1. Use this free time to wanderlust and plan their next travel destination

Istockphoto 696371850 612X612 1

“I see this as a golden opportunity to plan where I want to go next and save up for it. That way, I’d be able to really treat myself after almost two years of not seeing the world!” – Lynn, 25

If you think about it, you’ll never have another chance to save money and plan your next travel destination properly. Since we’re all stuck at home now, it’s the perfect time to bookmark your dream destinations, do adequate research and save money so that once the borders open, you’re all set and ready to go! ✈️


2. Watch movies & shows that can transport you to a different country 

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“It’s an underrated way to transport yourself to a foreign land plus there are subtitles for everything nowadays so you can watch any movie from any country and imagine you’re right there!” – Anne, 26

Ever since the pandemic began, we’ve all had a newfound appreciation for watching movies and TV series. After all, it’s the only way to “travel” now. Our favourites are watching Japanese anime when we miss Japan or watching any movies that are set in New York City. It can’t hurt to dream, right? 


3. Eating at restaurants to relive your favourite travel memories 

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“When I travel, I always make it a point to try local food to really experience the culture. So whenever I miss the food I’ve experienced while travelling, I visit restaurants serving the same cuisine to cure the pain!” – Sam, 31

It goes without saying that we Malaysians love our food so it’s only natural to indulge in food from other cultures whenever we’re travelling. Well, since the borders are still closed, we’re really lucky that Malaysia has a diverse culinary scene and you can get dishes from almost any country! ?


4. Binge-watch travel videos or aeroplane videos on TikTok 

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“It has definitely made me miss travelling a lot but TikTok has given me lots of travel tips and I’ve even seen videos of pilots showing us the view from the cockpit. So cool!” – Melissa, 29

From travel videos to aeroplane videos, TikTok can definitely help cure the pain of not travelling! There are also a ton of useful travel budgeting tips on TikTok and even accounts that are run by commercial pilots with footage that you’d otherwise never get to see! ??‍✈️?


5. From your previous travels, make a travel journal for memories and for others to refer to! 

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“I took lots of pictures and souvenirs from my travels over the years but never had a chance to properly turn it into a journal until the pandemic hit and I was stuck at home! It’s fun to relive the memories too.” – Kevin, 27 

Pre-pandemic, we always found ourselves too “busy” to do things. Once we return from travelling, we’re always rushing to go back to work and spend the weekends catching up with family and friends. Well, while you’re waiting for the borders to open up again.. now is the perfect time to compile all your travel photos and turn them into a journal! ?


6. Watch walk-through-the-city videos in 4K on YouTube for an immersive experience 


“When I discovered these videos, it was a total game-changer! It really made me feel like I was walking through the streets of Tokyo, gotta love virtual experiences!” – Liza, 28

Yup, that’s right. There are YouTube channels dedicated to making walk-through-the-city videos that are up to an hour-long! We highly recommend it if you miss travelling especially to Japan as there are so many videos dedicated to walking around Tokyo city at night!

Well, we don’t know about you but Japan is definitely high on top of our list of places we miss the most! If you’re like us and have been missing Japan too, then you’re going to love what we’re about to share with you!

With Asahi’s Discover Tokyo campaign, you’ll be able go on a virtual journey to Japan and discover four hidden sides of fashion, art, lifestyle and food in Tokyo! ?

What?? We get to discover Tokyo during a pandemic from miles away???

Asd Discovertokyo Kv Bottle

Yes! You’ll get an exclusive look into the Tokyo lifestyle from the comfort of your own home. Read more here:


Discover Tokyo with Japan’s No.1 beer, Asahi Super Dry

Asahi Super Dry is definitely no stranger to us! Brewed with precision to the highest quality standards to deliver signature Karakuchi taste: dry, crisp taste with a quick, clean finish. Asahi Super Dry is Japan’s No.1 beer and a global icon of modern Japan ?

To spark your curiosity to discover more, Asahi Super Dry unveils the 4 hidden sides of Tokyo through the Asahi Discover Tokyo campaign.

It’s important to note that these cultural insights reflect passion towards precision in quality and innovation which is, of course, at the heart of Asahi. That’s why Asahi is super excited to be able to share the hidden gems of Tokyo with all of us even though we aren’t allowed to travel to Japan just yet!

Discover Tokyo: Food

Precision and quality meet the inventive use of ingredients, just like Asahi Super Dry.

Tokyo based start-up Open Meals is changing how we eat forever by creating a whole new, unique way of preparing meals.


Discover Tokyo: Art
Creativity is never bound by convention or tradition. Japan’s youngest bonsai master, Masashi Hirao is the perfect example of creativity found within Modern Japan.

Watch him take his art in a new direction that challenges the status quo and epitomises Asahi Super Dry’s story of introducing a new genre of beer to Japan and the world in 1987.


Discover Tokyo: Fashion
Style is never bound by convention or tradition. Discover how Yusuke Ono creates his own take and redesigns a 1,000-year-old trend.

The story is about the spirit of innovation, the same spirit Asahi Super Dry was born with the first Karakuchi (Dry) beer in 1987, setting a new standard in brewing.


Discover Tokyo: Lifestyle
Simplicity: Less is more. Precision and attention to detail manifest themselves in the Japanese philosophy of hospitality.

Encapsulating the desire for perfection and pursuit of improvement like the spirit of Asahi Super Dry.


Img 9402

So if you’re missing Tokyo or if you’ve never been to Japan and want to know what it’s like beyond the tourist spots, be sure to head to the Asahi Discover Tokyo microsite and explore Tokyo virtually!


Wow, super impressive! To commemorate the Discover Tokyo campaign, Asahi Super Dry launches limited-edition cans


Now you can buy them at your nearest supermarkets, convenience stores and via online shops OR you can win them by enjoying Asahi Super Dry at participating restaurants and bars! Kanpai!

Img 9365

Wanna know what’s the more exciting part??

If you buy Asahi Super Dry at Happy Hour prices, you’ll stand a chance to win a BRAND NEW Sony PlayStation 5 or limited edition Asahi Discover Tokyo cans!! ???


Now that we are allowed to dine out if we are fully vaccinated, you can head to any participating outlets nationwide and buy Asahi Super Dry at Happy Hour prices and be in the running to win these amazing prizes:

Grand Prize — 5 x Sony PlayStation 5
First Prize  — 50 x Limited Edition Asahi Discover Tokyo 320ml x 24 cans

All you have to do to win the prizes above is:

  1. Head to any of the participating outlets, click here to view the list of outlets!
  2. Purchase Asahi Super Dry (2x chances of winning: 1 x Tower, 1x chance of winning: 1 Bucket or 3-full pints or 6-half pints)
  3. Take a photo of your receipt
  4. Visit the Asahi Discover Tokyo website here
  5. Fill in your personal details and upload a photo of your receipt

And you’re all done! Now, all you have to do is wait for Asahi to get in touch with you if you’ve won any of the prizes above.

Hurry and join because this awesome contest ends on the 31st of October so make sure to enter ASAP if you wanna win!

Kindly note that this contest is only open to non-Muslims above the age of 21. If you drink, do not drive. Please #CelebrateResponsibly.

Img 9372


Woohoo! We’re super excited to be able to discover hidden gems from Tokyo and also indulge in a few pints of Asahi Super Dry ??  Crisp, dry and refreshing beer is just what we need on hot days in Malaysia!


To know more about the Discover Tokyo campaign, be sure to visit the website! If you’d like to stay updated for future promotions, be sure to follow their Facebook & Instagram pages today!

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Img 20190809 210829

For non-Muslims, 21+ only. If you drink, do not drive. Please #CelebrateResponsibly.

Source: iStock Photo
Source: iStock Photo
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