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M’sians Can Exercise Outdoors But Must Follow Protocol Of The “New Normal”, Say Experts



Source: Astro Awani & The Malaysian Times

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While hikers, joggers and cyclists all rejoiced after the government announced the relaxation of regulations under the CMCO, the allowance of exercising outside doesn’t mean outdoor enthusiasts can roam freely as they please.
So, before you lace up those sneakers and head out, make sure you’re aware of what exercising under the “new normal” entails.

According to National Sports Institute (NSI) sports medicine expert, Dr Jamiza Khuzairi Jasme, “If you are doing leisure activities outdoor, avoid crowded places, do it on your own or in a small group. Practice personal hygiene before and after exercising and try to avoid touching exercise equipment at public recreational parks.”

Dr Jazmiza went on to say that practising social distancing is vital, “When running or jogging, always ensure you do not run too close to another person. Also, head home straight after that and take a bath.”

A good distance to maintain is between three to ten metres when one adopts physical activities in public spaces. This is so “your body fluid (sweat) can splash further” away when you’re exercising.

However, the former national rugby player suggests that indoor exercise is the best way to go if you’re paranoid and want to be on the safer side, “if you are still worried about being infected, then it’s best to exercise at home”. He also used the opportunity to urge all athletes to discipline themselves and make the necessary arrangements to incorporate social distancing into their respective routines.

But it’s not just the coaches and former athletes who are speaking up. PJ City FC Striker, Safee Sali, also advised the public to take their health seriously by obeying the rules of social distancing when attempting outdoor training activities, adding that, “prevention is better than cure”.

He acknowledged that anyone could be emotionally affected by the MCO, and now, CMCO as it’s an experience everyone will take time getting used to. But there are ways to cope, he said:

Apart from just exercising at home, I also try to create a healthy and positive atmosphere by spending time with my family and doing physical activities together. This keeps us in a positive mood”.

If you’re planning on resuming your outdoor exercise routine, be sure to take the advice of these experts to stay safe! 


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Source: Malay Mail
Source: Astro Awani

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