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M’sian Uni Student Pops Clubbing Cherry By Taking Care of Drunk Friends, Now Traumatised


M'Sian Uni Student Shares His First Clubbing Experience, Traumatised By Taking Care Of Drunk Friends - World Of Buzz 6
Source: The Milton Club

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Going clubbing is probably a rite of passage that many of us go through and even if you are not a regular clubber, you would’ve been curious about what actually goes on inside a club. If you are wondering, fret not because recently, a UTAR student from Sungai Long shared his experience of stepping into a club in Kuala Lumpur for the first time and it was a total culture shock for him.

M'sian Uni Student Shares His First Clubbing Experience - World Of Buzz

For illustration purposes only | source: time out

In a post on the UTAR Confessions page, he shared the first (and probably last) time he set foot into a KL club for a friend, only identified as A’s birthday and how he was traumatised by it. All 42 of his friends decided to head to the club after having a birthday dinner and even though he does not drink nor smoke, he was forced to go along as he wanted to take care of his friends. Wah, such a good friend!

However, the first shock he got was when he arrived was the amount of cigarette smoke he encountered. “I felt like I was going to get lung cancer anytime soon and the cigarette smoke was so much that it was thicker than my sperm. When we wanted to go in, we had to queue for over an hour before we could enter as there were so many people, seeing as we went to one of the most famous clubs in KL.”

He received another shock when he went in and said, “When I stepped inside the club, I was astounded by the loudness of the speakers, it sounds like an earthquake was happening. We had booked a table for our party and everyone had arrived. However, it turns out that we had only one table for 42 people!”

“I can’t believe my friend only booked one table for us when we had so many people so it was super cramped and packed. For two hours, I could only stand there and just watch as my friends started to get drunk. I don’t understand why they think it’s fun. The songs are all old songs and the people on the dance floor are so packed together they look like sardines in a can.”

M'sian Uni Student Shares His First Clubbing Experience, Traumatised By Taking Care Of Drunk Friends - World Of Buzz

For illustration purposes only | source: time out

At around 2am was when he began getting busy as one by one, his friends started dropping like flies because they were so drunk. Can you relate? A and B, who are a couple were drunk while C, who is a girl, also started going crazy. He tried to calm them down but to his horror, A who was sitting beside him started puking and even puked on his shoes. Ewww!

He further shares that he had to save one of his guy friends from the clutches of another unknown drunk girl. Meanwhile, he also had to spend over an hour looking for another girl friend who had disappeared on the dance floor.

M'sian Uni Student Shares His First Clubbing Experience, Traumatised By Taking Care Of Drunk Friends - World Of Buzz 1

Source: scmp

“I tried to call her over but she was standing right there and many people who were passing by tried to take advantage of her. Another girl friend of mine was so drunk she passed out while another friend who tried to help me with the drunkards got taken advantage of. I saw a guy trying to touch her butt so I quickly blocked his hand and instead, he touched my butt.” You son, are the real MVP!

Finally, he managed to get all his close friends out of the club at around 4.30am and with another friend, he sent them home. He said that he only reached his hostel room at 6.30am but he could not sleep yet as he had to comfort another drunk friend. Poor guy!

He ended his post saying, “Actually, I just want to advise you all not to go clubbing so much. I personally feel that it’s a waste of time and money.”

Other netizens who saw his post were rather tickled by his interesting experience but they agreed that it was something normal that they would encounter when they were clubbing.

Have you had similar experiences before? Let us know in the comments section!


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