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M’sian Shares How Good Doggo Found & Guarded Her Lost Cat Until They Came To Pick It Up


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Source: Zaheera Hamidi | Facebook

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Did you know when your cat strays too far from home and becomes lost, you can actually ask a stray cat for help to locate your missing furry friend.

Now, you may also be able to rely on doggies to find and keep your lost kitty protected while you search for it.

Zaheera Hamidi took to the KUCING HILANG//JUMPA MALAYSIA Facebook page to tell the story of how kind Malaysians had helped to look for her lost cat, Loki, while a good doggo kept her kitty company until they found it.

She wrote, “We just moved, it’s been about a month a half. We brought Loki over to the new house a little later because we wanted to settle a new spot for him. Not more than 20 minutes in, the house door opened a little and Loki sprinted out! We didn’t have any experience with moving cats to a new place. We thought he would be able to return on his own.”

Loki 1

Zaheera and her husband looked up, down and in between every nook and cranny for Loki and as the hours turned into days, they finally heard that there was a sighting of a lost cat.

So, Zaheera made contact with the person who had caught sight of the cat, Pang, who then agreed to help her search for him.

“Pang Cici, an 18-year-old Chinese kid volunteered to help. He wandered around the area every day and night, and even in the heat! His sister, Wawa, helped too!”

But, sadly, the days went by again with no sight of Loki. Zaheera still prayed for the return of her cat, even though she was starting to worry that she may never see him again.

And then, the phone call came.

“Akak, I think I found your cat.”

“The sentence gave me goosebumps! My hands and legs were shaking! The Chinese guy (who made the call) immediately sent me a voice call and yes, it was Loki!”

It turns out that the man’s dog, Mango, had discovered the cat after showing it a poster of the lost kitty.

Mango 1 1

“Pang said he saw a poster of Loki near a burger stall. He showed it to Mango and as he was cycling, Mango turned around towards some bushes and started barking! He felt how odd the situation was and saw Loki!”

“Mango guarded Loki until my husband got there. Mango recognised Loki from the poster,” she added.

Zaheera was thankful to have Loki back in her arms and for the kind strangers who helped make that happen.

“Where else would you find new neighbours who are so helpful? My neighbours, Pang and Wawa, genuinely helped me. Accompanied me while I worried, followed me through every alley. Two people who I have never met at all! But, Allah sent you to help,”

“Mango (a dog), this left me speechless. I would never have thought a dog would take care of my cat and could recognise Loki. The area is a vacant and lonely one. But Allah led them there,” she explained.

Loki 3

Mango’s owner also rejected the reward money as he understands how a worried pet owner feels for their missing furry companion. Hence, Zaheera sent him gifts instead.

We’re so happy that Loki is now safe and sound, back with his owner, after spending six days on the streets. And, we’re so thankful for good doggies like Mango.

It’s truly amazing to see how kind Malaysians can work together, regardless of race or species.

What do you think about this? Let us know in the comment section.


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